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Israeli Messianic leaders call for nationwide 3 days of prayer and fasting

‘Human solutions are feeble’ in the face of crises threatening Israel

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Several Israeli Messianic congregational leaders – along with some local Arab Christian pastors – have called the entire Messianic community in the Land to three days of repentance, fasting and prayer for the nation this week, beginning Sunday, Feb. 25.

“Our nation is passing through, what could be, the most critical hour that we have faced in our history since our establishment as a modern State in 1948,” begins the statement explaining the background and the reasons for the nationwide call.

Israel is facing war on multiple fronts, within and without, and has suffered “great losses and casualties, whether it be the deaths and severe wounding of many of our civilians and soldiers or the deaths and inhuman humiliations of many of our hostages,” the statement continues.

Not only is Israel currently in a crisis but “sinister pressures and demands of the US and other nations that are weighing upon Israel, if conceded to, are sure guarantees of future disaster.”

In the face of this dire reality, the group of faith leaders from across the country stated: “All human solutions are feeble in the face of the multiple dilemmas and quandaries that face us concerning internal and external battles that threaten our existence as a nation.”

“If ever there was a time when we, the indigenous Body of Messiah in Israel, needed to take our place as a priesthood before the throne of God on behalf of our nation, it is now!”

Despite several calls to prayer by Israel’s religious establishment, as well as prayers among individual congregations, the body of believers in Israel hasn’t yet gathered to beseech “God that His Mercy, forgiveness, protection and divine intervention be extended to us.”

The leaders acknowledged that they had failed to make a unifying call for God’s mercy on the nation and to ask for forgiveness of sins.

They declared that the believers in Israel must themselves begin to humble their hearts before God.

“We, the undersigned, in deep agreement and conviction of heart, believe that it is time to seek the Lord and to call the Body of Messiah in the Land to three days of fasting and prayer with a main emphasis upon Repentance,” they wrote.

Accordingly, the three days should start with a day of “personal repentance of each individual believer, for sins against the Lord and one another.”

The second day of prayer will be a day of “repentance and prayer for the Body of Messiah in the Land.”

On the third and final day, the believers will “stand before God together for the many sins of our nation as mentioned above, according to the call of Joel 2:12-19. We beseech God to have mercy and to forgive our people of our sins, of our turning to the arm of flesh rather than to Him, the living God of Israel,” the statement read.

“We will bring the sins of our nation before Him and remind Him of His covenantal promises to Israel and pray that His Name would be honored and His glory revealed amongst us.”

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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