All Israel News is a news and commentary site based in Jerusalem that is focused on Israel and the broader Middle East, bringing together in one place all of the most important events and trends in the region from a wide range of existing news sites, as well as providing fresh, original and exclusive reporting, polls, interviews and analysis.

The eyes of the nations are increasingly riveted on Israel and her Arab and Muslim neighbors, the Epicenter of the momentous events that are shaking our world and shaping our future.

The world’s Evangelical Christians – of whom there are upwards of 600 million[1] – are especially and increasingly fascinated in the geopolitical, economic, financial, religious, archaeological, tourist, cultural, entertainment and other news in the region.

The site was founded by Joel C. Rosenberg, the New York Times best-selling author, Middle East analyst, columnist and Evangelical leader who lives with his wife and sons in Jerusalem.

The number one question that Joel is asked these days is, “What news sites do you read – and trust – to know what’s happening in Israel and the Middle East and to truly understand what it all means?” The good news is that there is actually quite a bit of useful reporting out there both from Christian and non-Christian sources. The challenge is that most people don’t have the time, experience or discernment to know how to extract the useful from the worthless.

Add to this the rise of fake news – as well as so much anti-faith, anti-Christian, anti-Israel, and anti-Semitic bias – in the modern, secular, mainstream media and it’s not surprising that Evangelicals and others are increasingly searching for a reliable source of truthful reporting and sound analysis.

Astonishingly, there has not been a single, trusted, must-read, “one-stop-shopping” website that covers all of the breaking news and important trends affecting the people, governments, businesses and ministries in Israel and the Middle East.

And there certainly has not been a single website that does so in manner that speaks directly to the world’s Evangelical Christians and analyzes events with a Biblical perspective and worldview.

Until now.

Welcome to All Israel News.

[1] See Brian Stiller, “The World Evangelical Alliance: Nurturing Unity in a Diverse World,” Christianity Today, September 7, 2019