Meet our team

  • Joel C. Rosenberg

    Editor-in-Chief, Co-Founder

    Joel is New York Times best-selling author of novels and non-fiction books about Israel, the Middle East and North Africa, with some 5 million copies in print in some two dozen languages. He is the founder and chairman of The Joshua Fund, a U.S.-based Evangelical non-profit organization to strengthen Christians in the Middle East and “bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus.”

  • Joseph Magen

    Chief of Operations, Co-Founder

    Joseph has over 20 years of experience in high-tech, software development, real estate, and the Israeli venture capital industry. Joseph is the co-founder of All Israel News and previously founded Isratrade Investments, a firm serving foreign investors in Israel.

  • Tomi Frank

    Managing Editor, Founding Member

    Tomi has over a decade of experience in full-stack web development, specializing in digital media and online newspapers. As a founding member of ALL ISRAEL NEWS, his role became more managerial over the years, focusing on editorial operations. He studied computer software engineering at Ort Braude Academic College of Engineering, and law at Tel Aviv University.

  • Hanan Lischinsky

    News Desk Manager

    Hanan has a Master’s degree in Middle East & Israel studies from Heidelberg University in Germany, where he spent part of his childhood and youth. He finished High School in Jerusalem and served in the IDF’s Intelligence Corps. Hanan joined ALL ISRAEL NEWS after working as a Breaking News Editor at the Jerusalem Post.

  • J. Micah Hancock

    Correspondent / Staff Writer

    J. Micah Hancock is a current Master’s student at the Hebrew University, pursuing a degree in Jewish History. Previously, he studied Biblical studies and journalism in his B.A. in the United States. He joined All Israel News as a correspondent and staff writer in 2022, and currently lives near Jerusalem with his wife and children.

  • Yehuda V. Frank

    Digital Marketing and EDU Content Manager

    Yehuda is a former teacher in Israel's first accredited Messianic school, based in Jerusalem, holding academic degrees in mathematics, physics, and philosophy. He is married and father of 3 children.

  • Aaron Goel-Angot

    Archaeology and Tourism Correspondent

    Aaron is a Belgian-Israeli archaeologist with an expertise in antiquities identification. He is an enthusiastic numismatist and a licensed tour guide. He holds a BA degree in archaeology from the Institute of Archaeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Aaron is married, father of three young children and lives in Jerusalem.

  • Alon Lubenfeld

    Video Editor

    Alon is a video editor, a videographer and a motion graphics artist, who has more than 20 years of experience. He has worked with big companies and organizations, as well as with lots of small businesses, providing them video production services and different kinds of creative solutions for their business needs: Promotional videos, how-to videos, commercials and more.

  • Tolik Piflaks

    Video Content Producer

    Tolik is an Israeli producer and screenwriter with a diverse career in the Israeli media. He has written for numerous popular Israeli television shows and contributed to various TV networks and newspapers, and has a background in screenwriting, copywriting, and advertising.

  • Rotem Magen


    Rotem Magen is a certified family counselor and child development therapist. She was born in Israel and has five young children.

  • Kayla Sprague


    Kayla Sprague passionately elevates stories that connect Israel with global believers as a Correspondent for All Israel News and a Writer Producer for local non-profit initiatives. With over a decade of experience in public communication, she has spent the last seven years covering events and ministries in Israel. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Christian Ministries from The King's University, Kayla cherishes Jerusalem as her home, where she explores the roots of her faith, and shares these experiences worldwide.