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Headlines from Jerusalem: Quarantines and the Green Passport plague Israelis – Ep. 6

TEL AVIV—As many as 7,000 Israelis – possibly up to 10,000 according to the organizers – joined a protest against the Green Passport and the continuous cycle of quarantines, which have worsened for the non-vaccinated. As I publish this podcast, Israel topped 38,000 infections in one day. Some 80,000 students and school staff around the country are in quarantine, most of them from coming into contact with someone who tested positive though they are not infected themselves – including my three kids. Feel free to send homeschooling tips to: [email protected] :)

In this podcast, I covered the protest and spoke to a few of the speakers including Dean Braun – the mall protester who went viral here – and Dr. Amir Shahar, who excoriated a fellow Israeli doctor who said the unvaccinated should not be treated.

*Special thanks to David del Coso for video and audio on this one!


Video of mall protester goes viral, shows some Israelis are not taking the new mall regulations lightly

Top Israeli doctor warns unvaccinated not to expect ‘compassion’ when needing medical treatment

Israel shortens quarantine for COVID patients; Coronavirus czar threatens lockdown

Tourists back in Israel today as country reopens to foreigners

WHEN LIFE IMITATES ART: Israel's SNL takes down the government's shifting sands of COVID policies

And last but certainly not least, the infamous contract scene from the Marx Brothers, "A Night at the Opera:"

Nicole Jansezian was the news editor and senior correspondent for ALL ISRAEL NEWS.

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