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Two IDF soldiers lightly wounded by Hezbollah rocket fire, Israel retaliates with airstrikes

Lebanese Maronite Christian Patriarch criticizes Hezbollah

Smoke from Israeli airstrikes in southern Lebanon (Photo: Ali Shoeib/X)

Two Israeli soldiers were lightly injured by rockets fired by the Hezbollah terror organization at their base in Biranit, on Israel’s northern border, according to Israeli media reports on Monday morning.

The terror group claimed to have used heavy Burkan rockets with warheads of several hundred kilos in the attack, and also took responsibility for two other attacks on Monday.

Lebanese journalist Ali Shoeib, who is seen as close to Hezbollah, published an image claiming to be the aftermath of the attack on Biranit, showing two big clouds of smoke rising after the impact.

In an immediate response, Israeli airstrikes hit targets on the outskirts of Naqoura, according to Lebanese reports.

Despite the far-reaching control that the Iranian-backed terror proxy Hezbollah exercises over Lebanon, prominent voices, especially in the Christian community, have begun to criticize the terror group for dragging the nation into a war without regard for the safety of its population.

In a Sunday homily, Maronite Patriarch Bechara al-Rai said that the situation in southern Lebanon, where many residents have fled amid the daily skirmishes, is the result of “the politics imposed” on the region.

“It is not surprising that our headless state has fallen prey to corrupt people,” he said, adding, “The inhabitants of the southern border villages are expressing their pain at the state’s abandonment of its duties and responsibilities towards them.”

“My family and I refuse to be hostages, human shields, and scapegoats for the failure of Lebanese politics and for the culture of death that only leads our country to more false victories and shameful defeats,” al-Rai added.

Lebanon’s regular army, Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), has almost completely abandoned its southern border to the control of Hezbollah’s forces, which are much larger and better equipped.

Hezbollah meanwhile continued its daily attacks against Israel during the last few days. The terror forces claim to have launched 12 attacks between late Friday and Saturday night, including the first use of its Falaq-1 rocket system.

The rocket was developed by the Iranian Aerospace Industries Organization, according to Hezbollah’s Al Manar TV, and has a warhead of around 50 kilos (about 110 lbs) with a range of up to 10 km (6 miles).

Hezbollah has been releasing more video of its attacks in recent days, including a footage showing a Saturday attack on an IDF base.

The Israeli army, in response, has continued to destroy military sites of the terror group across southern Lebanon. These attacks have led to the deaths of at least 174 Hezbollah terrorists, though Israeli officials estimate the true number to be higher.

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