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The embarrassing weakness of the Biden administration

US President Joe Biden speaks at the Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce, Dec. 20, 2023 in Milwaukee, Wis. (Photo: USA Today Network via Reuters)

If the last three years haven’t already given us a clear enough picture of just how incompetent the Biden administration and their foreign policy is – from the embarrassing withdrawal out of Afghanistan to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, to the Chinese Spy balloon, to pandering to the terrorism monster in Tehran (which resulted in an unprecedented pogrom of violent evil against the State of Israel and a subsequent war in Gaza) – it just became even clearer. 

Last week, the U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who is under oath to protect the American people, went absent for four days when he was secretly admitted to the hospital for complications involving a procedure for prostate cancer that he underwent weeks before, all of which went unbeknownst to President Joe Biden or the White House Chief of Staff. Not only did the president not know about either of Austin’s hospitalizations but he was only told about the cancer diagnosis on Tuesday morning. Until Tuesday, the Department of Defense was calling the reason for Austin’s hospitalization a “minor elective procedure.”

Given the current state of world affairs – the war in Ukraine, Xi Jinping openly telling the world he will “reunify” Taiwan with China, the war in Gaza and Iran pushing its global Islamic Jihad terrorist regime – nothing could be more dangerously weak or embarrassingly incompetent than our defense department failing to follow protocol and properly protect our country. 

When Secretary Austin spoke with Biden on Saturday and told the public he was taking “full responsibility” for the lack of communication, he left out the information about the cancer diagnosis. But why would Austin have felt he needed to be transparent with the president? Integrity, strength, transparency and accountability are characteristics this administration is sorely lacking.       

Since Oct. 7, at least 120 Iran-backed attacks against the U.S. military and its contractors have taken place, and the Biden administration’s response has amounted to a couple of rounds from a BB gun and a pathetic: “Please, don’t make us do something bigger”.

The Biden administration continuously broadcasts to Iran that the U.S. doesn’t want to broaden the conflict in the Middle East. Biden recently told a group of pro-Palestinian protesters that he’s “quietly working” to get Israel out of Gaza. What happened to, “I stand with Israel” and “Israel has a right to defend itself”and “Israel must defeat and dismantle Hamas” and “We’ve got your back”? Is the president paying any attention to what’s been going on? Has he missed the fact that the IDF uncovered massive caches of munitions and complex layers of terror tunnels in Gaza, including weapons and training manuals on how to kill Jews in 75% of Gazan homes, often hidden in children’s toys or under their beds? Has he missed the fact that 20% of international shipping has been affected by the Houthi rebels, disrupting the very aid coming into Gaza, which the president’s administration is so passionate about? Has he forgotten that the Iran-backed Hamas terror group has vowed to carry out more massacres like the one on Oct. 7?

How much more out of touch can this administration get? The Iran-funded and armed terror groups of Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthi rebels, and Islamic jihad are demonic, evil forces that should have been dealt with years ago and must be dealt with now for the sake of Israel’s safety, and the safety of all who value democracy and freedom.

Israel suffered a terrible wake-up call on Oct. 7. Their mission is clear and they know what must be done now. They are tirelessly taking every precaution to preserve life while eradicating the evil of Hamas.

The Biden administration has accused Israel of extremism during its war with Hamas. On Monday, President Biden called for Israel to “significantly get out of Gaza.” The only extremism that needs to get out of Gaza is Hamas and the weak, leftist lunacy infecting Washington.   

Avigayil Rivkah is a writer and speaker, specializing in content related to arts and entertainment, Jewish culture and faith, natural living and Israel news. She is a Jewish believer in Jesus and the founder of

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