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IDF chief confirms taking out Iranian weapon convoy on Syrian-Iraqi border

After nearly one month of silence, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi finally acknowledged today that Israel had been forced to take action on the Syrian-Iraqi border more than a month ago. 

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) was deployed to take out a 25-truck convoy of Iranian weapons being smuggled into Syria.

Iraqi authorities immediately denied the shipment of weapons, claiming that the trucks contained commercial items, including gas for civilian use.  

The IAF was deployed with caution to avoid any counterattack from surface-to-air missiles, which has occurred in the past. 

Iran’s smuggling of items into Syria often causes conflict between the two countries because Syria ends up bearing the brunt of retaliation from Israeli attacks once the threat is identified. 

While the IDF has achieved much success in preventing these weapon-smuggling attempts, it is known that some smuggling, mostly into Lebanon, has managed to pass through. 

A strong message of deterrence, however, seems to have prevented Hamas from launching rockets into Israel over the last few months.

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