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In warning to nuclear Iran, US and Israel air forces prepare with another joint military drill

Illustrative - Two Israeli and one American F-16 fighter jets in a joint exercise in southern Israel, Jan. 2022. (Photo: Israel Defense Forces)

The American and Israeli air forces launched a joint military exercise on Sunday in an apparent warning to the Iranian regime and its nuclear facilities.

While Iran was not mentioned explicitly, Israel Defense Forces announced on Monday that the drill included Israeli Air Force planes simulating strikes against “strategic targets in the depth,” which is allegedly a reference to Tehran’s nuclear facilities.

Many experts believe the Israeli Air Force (IAF) is capable of striking Iran’s nuclear operations, despite its comparatively small size against the United States Air Force.

The Jewish state has already neutralized the nuclear facilities of enemy states two times in the past: once in Iraq in 1981 and again, in Syria in 2007. However, a potential strike against Iran is considered a more complex operation because it consists of several facilities which are spread out and located partially underground.

Another significant challenge is the relatively long distance between Israel and Iranian nuclear targets, which is approximately 1,200 miles, beyond the conventional travel distances of Israeli Air Force planes.

For this reason, the IAF is eyeing new American-made Boeing KC-46 refueling planes, which would likely be crucial for a potential strike.

“The exercise continues and strengthens the operational cooperation between the militaries and takes place as part of the series of IDF exercises with the U.S. Central Command,” the Israeli military said in an official statement.

American and Israeli militaries have increased their already close cooperation in the face of the Iranian nuclear threat. In January, the two nations held an unprecedented military exercise, involving 142 aircraft, 12 naval vessels, 6,400 U.S. troops, and 1,100 Israeli soldiers.

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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