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IDF: Hezbollah likely behind Monday’s highway bombing

Suspect – who was wearing a primed explosives belt – was found, shot and killed

IDF soldiers searching the area on the Lebanese-Israeli border (Photo: IDF)

A terrorism bombing attack in northern Israel on Monday has been traced back to the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah, according to the Israel Defense Forces and Israeli security agency, Shin Bet.

The bombing occurred on the side of Route 65, about 37 miles from the Lebanese border.

While no one was killed by the explosion, 21-year-old Shareef ad-Din was injured. Ad-Din is a resident of Salem, an Arab village just outside of Haifa.

After conducting a several-hour search for the bomber, law enforcement was able to locate the suspect in a town close to the Lebanese border.

IDF soldiers searching the area on the Lebanese-Israeli border (Photo: IDF)

Officers from Shin Bet and Israel's National Counter Terror Unit Yamam shot and killed the suspect, who was wearing a primed explosives belt, according to the IDF.

In a statement on Wednesday, the IDF said that “the assessment is that neutralizing the terrorist prevented another attack," indicating that the terrorist acted alone, despite the his apparent ties to Hezbollah.

Because the attack occurred on Monday morning, public information was scarce.

“The IDF said the details of the incident remained unpublished for more than two days because it wanted to wait to find out exactly who was behind the bombing attack,” according to the Times of Israel.

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