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Hugh Hewitt praises ALL ISRAEL NEWS exclusive interview with Evangelical House Speaker Mike Johnson. Here’s why

Hugh Hewitt (Photo courtesy)

The 56th Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Mike Johnson recently gave an exclusive interview to ALL ISRAEL NEWS contributing editor, Tom Tradup.

During the session, Johnson offered his candid views on why Democrats in Congress are blocking a standalone bill providing emergency aid to Israel. He also spoke about how his Evangelical Christian faith empowers him to make morally strong decisions in his new post, which places him only two heartbeats away from the presidency in the line of succession.

What made the conversation so unique was that since assuming the Speaker’s gavel on Oct. 26, Mike Johnson, who has received over 1,000 formal requests for one-on-one interviews, has only granted three: FOX News Channel, The Hugh Hewitt Show on the Salem Radio Network, and now to ALL ISRAEL NEWS.

American broadcast icon Hugh Hewitt has been a prominent figure in Washington politics for years and a frequent guest on NBC-TV’s Meet The Press, a regular columnist for The Washington Post, and co-moderator of five nationally televised Republican debates during the 2016 presidential primaries and again this year.

On his Salem News Channel simulcast this week, Hewitt singled out the ALL ISRAEL NEWS interview with House Speaker Johnson, and offered specific praise for the ALL website.

"Our friend Tom Tradup sat down with ALL ISRAEL NEWS cameras rolling and spoke with Speaker of the House Mike Johnson. ALL is a website of news about Israel that is specifically designed for Evangelicals in America who support Israel. It is for everyone: Evangelicals and Jews…it’s for atheists and agnostics. It's for anyone and everyone because I want you to know what’s going on with our Western democratic ally,” Hewitt said.

He added: “Israel is our most important ally in the world, probably on a par with Great Britain. So I want you to know what’s going on in Israel, but has a twist: It really focuses on Evangelical America.” 

Hewitt then shared video excerpts of the ALL ISRAEL NEWS interview, including Speaker Johnson’s strong declaration that the Biden White House and U.S. Democrats in Congress should stop trying to “insert themselves” into the Israel-Hamas war by making unwanted suggestions on how to micromanage the IDF’s prosecution of the war.

Hewitt concluded his analysis by observing: “Speaker Johnson is very solidly behind Israel. And most of the Republicans on Capitol Hill are, too…Democrats? Not so much, due to the realignment underway in America. Republicans have near-unanimous support for Israel, as opposed to Democrats’ efforts to undermine the Jewish state including Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.”

Tradup responded to Hewitt's praise of the Israeli-based news outlet, saying: “I was humbled and flattered that Hugh would profile our ALL ISRAEL NEWS interview so prominently,” adding, "Speaker Johnson’s remarks were also highlighted on nationally-broadcast newscasts on TOWNHALL News and SRN News.” 

Tradup noted that former White House national security strategist for then-president Donald J. Trump had also shared ALL ISRAEL NEWS highlights from the Johnson interview on Gorka’s nationally syndicated talk show AMERICA FIRST.

Tradup chalks up the praise from both broadcast professionals and the general public to Speaker Johnson’s innate quality of being straightforward, introspective, and a good listener.

“Mike Johnson’s answers about not being burdened to be third-in-line if he suddenly had to assume the Presidency as well as being guided by his Evangelical Christianity seemed to punch through the video screen and resonate with listeners and viewers.”

Here is a sample of American reaction, as texted to Tom Tradup:


  • TEHACHAPI, CA:   “This is great.  I’m impressed and delighted to hear the Speaker is an Evangelical Christian and doesn’t hide it.”

  • COCONUT CREEK, FL:  “GREAT INTERVIEW, Tom! The Speaker hit all the points that we as a country should be concerned about.”

  • WASHINGTON, D.C.   “Tremendous insights into the man who now is just two heartbeats away from the Presidency.

  • FLOWER MOUND, TX:  “Good evening, Tim. Just wanted to say great job on the interview eith Mike Johnson. Loved having two brothers in Christ speaking with authority. God is trly using both of you as mouthpieces for his Kingdom.”

  • WINTER PARK, CO: Well done. It is comforting to have Mike Johnson in the Speaker role. He’s definitely in the lion’s den. We’re continuing to pray for protection, wisdom, strength and favor for him.

Tradup says the reaction to this latest ALL ISRAEL NEWS exclusive helps further the news site’s mission statement to be an organization that is covering news and events impacting Israel & the Middle East for the Evangelical world.

“The way these broadcasters, as well as everyday men and women, responded to ALL ISRAEL NEWS presenting the down-to-earth comments of Speaker Johnson would appear to validate the vision of Joel Rosenberg and his team in creating and its companion site,” Tradup concluded.

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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