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Hamas barbarism on display for all the world to see

Israeli soldiers remove bodies of of Israeli civilians murdered by Hamas in Kibbutz Kfar Aza, near the Israeli-Gaza border, in southern Israel, Oct. 10, 2023. (Photo: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90)

In a first in the history of Israel, government ministries and agencies are releasing the most horrific and barbaric images of the savage acts that have been perpetrated upon the Israeli people and foreign internationals at the hands of Hamas terrorists. These members of Hamas are the very same individuals who claim to be devout in their faith which compels them to engage in a holy war for the sake of Allah.

But whose god demands the brutal killing of children, the decapitation of newborn babies, the wiping out of entire families while they sleep in their beds, the violation and rape of women, the burning of houses and the slaughter of innocents? None!! Such a god does not exist. It is, rather, the profound evil in the hearts of diabolical men that drives them to commit such heinous acts which every human being, who possesses even the most minimal of conscience, should vehemently reject.

Yet, much to the shame and disgrace of hateful student groups on many prestigious campuses throughout America, along with the common variety of Jew haters in every corner of the world, demonstrations are being staged to protest Israel’s right to defend herself and protect her citizens from the insidious goal of being wiped off the map.  

Who are these people who would justify murderers, rapists, killers of families, with no remorse or regret?

Just a couple of days ago, one broadcast aired a pro-Israel young man at a Boston campus, screaming as loud as he could, asking why those on the opposite side of the street would defend terrorists who also hate them? And that is the perplexing question! 

Do these students know that just being American, by birth, places them in a distinct category of those who are hated, despised and on an eventual list to be eliminated? Do they understand that their loyalty and devotion are lost on an indoctrinated class whose values of hatred and immorality have been instilled in them from the cradle?

The Hamas terrorists are a people who are lost in the fullest sense of the word. They live in utter darkness, where their deeds of wickedness are an integral part of their psyche and conduct. Their bloodlust is what they live for, and it’s never enough! To think that they are coming only for the Jews is to be woefully deluded into believing that there is any redeeming factor in these monsters! 

They are coming for everyone who has not been deposited with the same infestation of baseless hatred, because, for them, no one is worth saving – not even by force, as the generation of the Inquisition attempted to impose.

Hamas members are made of another cloth; one which is wretched and soiled with the stain of the basest elements of human nature who have no higher power! But given what we have seen, no one can say they didn’t know or they weren’t aware, or that they are merely supporting freedom fighters. Such acts are not perpetrated by lovers of a type of liberty that can only be attained through the extinction of an entire race of people.

The world is witnessing, first-hand, through graphic photos almost too painful to glance, through first-hand eyewitnesses who barely escaped the same unspeakable fate of their friends and family, another Holocaust. This generation, as no other, has a front-row seat, courtesy of modern and sophisticated technology, which allows them to see, with their own eyes, in real-time, the acts of a primitive and barbarous people who have less compassion than the most vicious of animals.

So, what in the world is prompting ordinary people, who were raised in a country with democratic values of faith, family and patriotism, to come to the erroneous conclusion that rapists, murderers, violators and anarchists are worth their admiration, loyalty and defense?  

Are they, likewise, devoid of a conscience, a working mind and the ability to distinguish good from evil? Is there not even the slightest twinge of virtue or moral clarity that shouts out to them that these are evil creatures through and through?

It must be something very deep and powerful that has seized their soundness of mind, rendering them incapable of seeing clearly the very atrocities that are being enacted in full view, on their cellphones and TV sets, but which they, nonetheless, as a result of their callousness, are willing to ignore the images of profound human suffering.

Any who are prone to such indifference of inhumane pain and suffering have, themselves, exited the race of their own species and are no longer worthy of being called part of humanity because they care nothing for their fellow members who do not deserve death just for having been born a certain ethnicity or being citizens of a certain country.

This is not the face of war but rather the outcome of satanic possession where individuals have abandoned sane reason in favor of joining a mob mentality that is always driven by the desire to kill ruthlessly to satisfy a passion of bloodlust. It emanates from the pit of hell and must be called out for what it is – savagery and a total collapse of civilization at the hands of evil actors.

Each one of us must do our part to put an end to this destructive pathogen that seeks to eradicate all in its path – including those ignorant enough to believe that their support will endear them to terrorists. It won’t!

This virus is far more lethal than COVID-19, because there is no simple cure, nor is there enough time and distance to neutralize its devastating effect on society. It is up to every right-thinking individual to point out the obvious to any friends or family members who have chosen to become part of the support system of murderous terrorists. They must be shaken out of the deceptive delusion that has taken over their faculties and ability to discern the simplest of truths.

If the shocking and atrocious depictions of what is being done in the name of their religion are not able to wake them up to the reality of these abhorrent acts against humanity, then nothing will. But let us never stop shouting, as loud as we can, just as that young man who asked how they could defend those who would stop at nothing to also brutally kill them if given the chance.

“Hamas” is the Hebrew word used for “violence” in the first book of the Bible, as recorded in Genesis 6:11. It is the reason God decided to destroy the earth with a flood. The flood is now upon us, and that is why it is incumbent upon each one to speak forth whenever possible, to return sanity and reason to those who have lost it.  

It also wouldn’t hurt to pray to the merciful God who, despite our evil proclivities, decided not to totally give up on mankind, choosing to rebuild a new society upon one righteous man called Noah.

Now that’s the kind of God who is worth serving because His demands are only that we embrace His character of love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness. What a stark contrast!  

A former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the US before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives in the center of the country with her husband.

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