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Operation Shield and Arrow

Facing accusations for civilian deaths, IDF documents measures taken in the battle against terrorist in Gaza

The Israeli military stresses that it tries to avoid civilian casualties in almost every operation

Screenshot of an IDF video in which drone airstrike was called off due to concern for civilian casualties

The Israel Defense Forces released a video this morning showing that a drone airstrike was called off after an operator noted the presence of a child in the vicinity of the intended strike zone.

In the video, the intended target appears to be a rocket or mortar launch site.

A targeting official can be heard saying, “There’s one minute till the strike.”

Shortly after, another voice says, “There’s a child outside. Forty meters. Two. Cease! Cease!”

The IDF also said the delay in its initial strike, targeting three Palestinian Islamic Jihad leaders, was in order to wait until they were in areas with fewer civilians.

Israel is often criticized, particularly in western media, when civilians are killed during its airstrikes.

While the IDF has also received praise from foreign militaries, such as the British and U.S. militaries for its restraint, that restraint is not often reported in foreign media.

The IDF also released video showing how multiple PIJ rocket launches fail to enter Israeli territory, falling back into the Gaza Strip.

IDF Spokesperson Brig.-Gen. Danny Hagari said this morning that one of the failed launches killed Rami Shadi Hamdan, 16, and Ahmad Muhammad al-Shabaki, 51, from Beit Hanoun. In addition, Lynn Bilal Abdeslam Loh, 10, and Yazan Judah Alyan, 16, were killed by failed jihadist fire in Gaza City.

Hagari said that one out of every five PIJ launches failed to reach Israeli territory.

Another area where Israel often receives unfair coverage is in the deaths of teenage terrorists.

Western media often report the deaths of the youths showing pictures of them in innocent settings. However, there are often pictures of those same youth brandishing weapons and wearing Hamas or PIJ paraphernalia posted on their social media accounts.

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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