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'Everything is a miracle' - Fauda star Amedi embraces life after overcoming severe injury six months ago in Gaza War

Israeli singer-songwriter and reserve soldier Idan Amedi who was seriously injured in the Gaza Strip attends a press conference upon his release from the Sheba Medical center on January 25, 2024. (Photo: Miriam Alster/Flash90)

Idan Amedi, who stars in the celebrated Israeli counter-terrorism TV series Fauda, is embracing the miracles of life after recovering from a severe injury while serving in a combat unit with Israel Defense Forces during the war against Hamas in Gaza.

"Reminding myself that everything is a miracle. Nothing in this life should be taken for granted," Amedi said.

Amedi posted on Tuesday a short video of his rehabilitation in which he can be seen walking a short distance.

"We all learned this the hard way over the past year. This land, its people, the sense of security, while moments, sunrise, sunset, a mother's excitement over her 35-year-old son's simple walk for a few meters. Nothing is to be taken for granted. Everything is a world unto itself,” the Fauda star added.

In January, Amedi, who is a reservist in an IDF combat engineer unit, was seriously wounded in a battle with Hamas terrorists in Gaza. He was taken to Sheba Medical Center outside Tel Aviv, where he was sedated due to shrapnel wounds over his body. When he eventually woke up, Amedi urged unity in Israel’s divided society.

“I join my brother reservists in calling on the politicians, all the media outlets, and everyone: Whoever doesn’t have something good to say, simply shut your mouths. The people of Israel live,” Amedi said.

The Fauda star and beloved singer reflected on the half-year that has passed since his serious injury.

"Six months have passed, and I watch the few videos from the hospital every few days to remind myself that everything is a miracle," Amedi stated.

"Returning to play music, watching soccer with friends, taking my daughter to her swimming lessons, laughing, crying, missing those who are no longer here. Nothing is to be taken for granted in this life. Even if sometimes I forget."

Amedi vowed: “I will sing and act again,” after being released from the hospital. He is reportedly working on a new music album.

The Israeli thriller series Fauda, which has been praised for its realism and nuance, focuses on a fictitious Israeli counter-terrorism unit that reportedly strongly resembles the real battles Israel faces against its multiple foes near and far.

In February, the Fauda producers admitted that they had dropped a plotline of a massive Hamas cross-border attack involving many hostages as “improbable.”

“I remember saying, ‘Guys, what are the chances that dozens of terrorists would get to the border and the IDF wouldn’t have any indication of it? That they wouldn’t be shot down?’” Fauda’s co-creator Avi Issacharoff said.

However, the Oct. 7 Hamas invasion and massacre in Israel changed everything and turned a fictitious scenario into a real nightmare when 1,200 Israelis were murdered and about 250 hostages kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists.

In June, the Fauda creators confirmed their intention to develop a new movie called, “October 7th”, to tell the “gripping story” of heroism and bravery amid the darkest time in the history of the modern State of Israel.

"October 7th" will reportedly be a “narrative feature” with a focus on the story of the retired 62-year-old IDF general Noam Tibon, who risked his life to save his son Amir and his family from Hamas terrorists when they invaded their home in Nahal Oz.

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