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Day 150: Hamas fundraiser eliminated in airstrike, terror squad hit within 30 min. of rocket launch

Sunday sees record number of more than 270 aid trucks entering Gaza Strip

Troops of the 98th IDF Division during their offensive in western Khan Younis, march 4 2024 (Photo: IDF).

Israel Defense Forces and Israel's Shin Bet domestic intelligence eliminated a senior Hamas terrorist in northern Gaza on Sunday, while the 98th Division continued its offensive in the area of Khan Younis over the past day.

Mahmoud Muhammad Abd-Haz was eliminated in a joint airstrike conducted by the IDF and Shin Bet in central Gaza. Abd-Haz was reportedly responsible for recruiting new terrorists for Hamas’ Zeitoun Brigade, as well as raising funds for the terror group, the IDF stated.

Amid continuing controversy surrounding the death of a large number of Palestinians in a stampede around a humanitarian aid convoy last week, the IDF announced on Sunday that 277 trucks carrying humanitarian aid were inspected and safely transferred to Gaza.

“This is the highest number of trucks to be transferred in one day since the start of the war,” according to the IDF’s COGAT unit, responsible for coordinating government activities in the Palestinian territories.

The IDF also announced that following Saturday’s rocket launch at Hatzerim and Kibbutz Be’eri, the Nahal Brigade’s fire center located the responsible Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) squad and eliminated it in a directed airstrike roughly 30 minutes later.

Over the past 24 hours, the brigade troops eliminated 15 more terrorists in the Gaza Strip’s central area, using sniper fire, aircraft and tanks.

In the southern Gaza Strip, the 98th Division continued its offensive into some remaining areas it had not yet operated in, including the Qatar-funded “Hamad City” neighborhood of Khan Younis.

The division’s soldiers surrounded and cut off the neighborhood before the 7th Brigade battlegroup facilitated the evacuation of the civilian population.

During the evacuation, Israeli troops arrested about 80 terror suspects, including Hamas and PIJ terrorists who tried to escape under the protection of the civilian population.

Battlegroups belonging to the Givati, the 7th, and the Commando Brigades raided terror targets and eliminated many terrorists who were operating from within the civilian areas.

“The IDF continues to operate against Hamas terrorists in the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis,” said Seth J. Frantzman, Adjunct Fellow at the Foundation for Freedom of Democracies.

“These operations are important because Hamas leaders used the city to build extensive terrorist infrastructure underneath civilian areas,” he added. “Also, hostages taken by Hamas during its October 7 attack on Israel were transported to Khan Younis. It is essential that the terrorists be defeated in the city and be prevented from threatening Israel in the future.”

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