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Ahead of NRB conference in Nashville, dozens of neo-Nazis rally in heart of the city

Yad Vashem issues statement condemning ‘hateful antisemitic rhetoric’

Neo-Nazi march in Nashville, Tennessee (Photo: Screenshot)

A group of dozens of neo-Nazis held a rally in Nashville, the capital city of Tennessee on Saturday.

The demonstrators, part of a local fascist group called the "Blood Tribe," marched through the capital before arriving at the state capitol building, where they waved Nazi flags, gave the Nazi “Heil Hitler” salute, and shouted racist slogans, such as “Deportation, Save the nation!”

The exclusively male organization was established about four years ago, during the COVID-19 epidemic. Its members hold virulently antisemitic and anti-minority views that support ethnic purity and call to deport minorities in order to keep the United States “pure.”

While many local state politicians took turns blaming each other’s parties for enabling the protest, Republican Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, condemned the march and expressed support for Israel.

“Nazism and antisemitism should never be tolerated in any form. As Jewish people around the world continue to face persecution, Tennessee remains unwavering in our support for the nation of Israel and her people,” Lee wrote on 𝕏.

Tennessee State Attorney-General Jonathan Skrmetti said: "Our Jewish brothers and sisters across Tennessee and around the world will always have this office's unwavering support against antisemitism."

The rally took place three days before the beginning of the National Religious Broadcasters Convention, being held this year in Nashville. The NRB Convention will host several sessions related to Israel, the war in Gaza, and will feature speeches from several visiting Israeli dignitaries.

In Jerusalem, the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Center issued a statement on its website condemning the rally.

“Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center, is deeply troubled by the images and hateful antisemitic rhetoric witnessed at yesterday's neo-Nazi rally in Nashville, Tennessee. The message must be unequivocally; there is no place in our society for intolerance, racism or antisemitism.”

“The imagery from the march through Nashville's streets evokes painful memories for Jews worldwide. The anti-Jewish ideology espoused by the Nazis served as a chilling prelude to the systematic extermination of six million Jews. We urge American leadership to establish national standards for Holocaust education across the United States, ensuring that the messages and lessons of the Holocaust are engrained on the national agenda. Yad Vashem remains steadfast in its commitment to raising public awareness through extensive educational and commemorative initiatives.”

A similar anti-Israel rally took place in Orlando, Florida on Sunday. The group waved flags with swastikas, held signs with messages like, "Jews love genocide," and chanted antisemitic slogans.

Eyewitnesses indicated the group was very small, only around 10 people. It is unknown if the two rallies were connected.

According to a recent poll by the American Jewish Committee, almost two-thirds of US Jews reported feeling less secure in the US after the October 7 Hamas invasion of Israel and the resulting pro-Palestinian rallies. This represents an increase of 22% from the previous year.

One quarter of respondents reported being targeted by some form of antisemitic behavior within the last year.

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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