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WATCH: Hamas brutally abuses Gazan to stay in control amid talks of ‘day after’

Terror group shows increasing concern over public protests against its rule

Hamas terrorists beating Gaza civilians, 2024 (Photo: Screenshot)

TRIGGER WARNING - The video below contains graphic content that may be disturbing for some viewers.

After U.S. President Joe Biden announced a roadmap to end the war in a dramatic speech last Friday, the future of the Gaza Strip is again being widely discussed.

The plan presented by Biden goes into much detail, however, it doesn’t touch on whether Hamas would stay in power after the end of the war, and what this would mean for the people of Gaza.

While the Hamas leadership in the Gaza Strip doesn’t seem to be too concerned about the IDF’s operations, the terror group has been showing signs of increasing concern over public protests against its rule – which it has suppressed with an iron fist.

Even though public protests are still a marginal phenomenon, the growing discontent has sporadically led to outbursts of individual civilians in Gaza cursing Hamas or its leader Yahya Sinwar, which then get shared on social media and reach large audiences.

Therefore, even amid the intense fighting, the terror group never stopped violently suppressing even the smallest signs of discontent, and immediately attempted to reinstate its rule over every area that was vacated by IDF soldiers.

“Hamas went to war not only against Israel but against the residents of the Strip,” said Elior Levy, KAN News Palestinian Affairs analyst.

Recent video footage from inside the Gaza Strip showcases the raw brutality Hamas operatives unleash against their own population.

“Hamas started sending thugs with clubs and guns to beat and shoot Gazan civilians allegedly suspected of committing criminal acts during the absence of governance,” Levy said.

“But the real goal was to intimidate the public and make clear: Hamas is the governing body. Hamas is still here.”

The horrifying pictures, Levy said, are being filmed and distributed by Hamas to terrorize the population.

Discussions about who will rule Gaza after the war include ideas ranging from Israeli military control, to a return of the Palestinian Authority, to an international force made up of moderate Arab forces, to rule by local clans.

The latter option seems to have been ruled out after Hamas started assassinating clan leaders suspected of cooperating with Israel.

Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer has stressed that Hamas had to be defeated before discussing a long-term solution to the question.

“Nobody is going to step forward until they know that Hamas and Gaza is finished,” he emphasized.

Under the terms of the current proposal to end the war, Hamas would ultimately be allowed to restore its control over the population and continue abusing Gazan civilians.

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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