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Violence in Israel's Arab sector continues despite war in Gaza - 4 murdered overnight

Wave of criminal violence among Arab population is only increasing since it began last year

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Four Arab men were murdered overnight in violent incidents believed to be related to criminal organizations between Saturday night and Sunday morning. 

The Magen David Adom hotline received a report of a car on fire in Tayibeh, a small village located in central Israel. Upon arrival, firefighters found the body of an adult man who was already deceased. Police believe the fire was set intentionally to cover up the death and are investigating. 

A 38-year-old man was shot to death in Jadeidi Makr, near Acre in northern Israel. His death is currently under investigation. 

The body of another man, identified as Amman Abu Jame’, was found stabbed to death near several parked trucks in the northern Israeli town of Ar’ara. 

In addition, a 29-year-old man, Hacham al-‘Assam, was shot to death in the southern town Tel Sheva, near the city of Beersheva. He was taken to Soroka Hospital but pronounced dead upon arrival. 

Following a drop in the number of homicides after the outbreak of war on Oct. 7, there has been a rise in violent Arab deaths in incidents over the past few weeks. 

According to Abraham Initiatives, a non-profit group that monitors violence in Israeli society, around 235 Arab Israeli citizens have been murdered in incidents involving violent crime during 2023, compared to 108 in 2022. Of the victims, 211 were shot to death. 

Even before the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war, there were numerous complaints among the Arab citizens that Israel Police had been ignoring the growth of criminal organizations in the Arab society and that the police do not patrol Arab towns as frequently. 

Arab leaders have also accused National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir of not addressing the rise in criminal violence in the Arab sector as seriously as he should. 

Israeli State Comptroller Matanyahu Engelman said the government’s response to the increase in crime is “a resounding failure.” 

In September, Engelman said, “The jump in crime in the Arab community represents a resounding failure of Israeli governments.” He said the responsibility for tackling the increase lies with the top leaders.

“The prime minister, national security minister, and all ministers must act to eradicate crime in Arab society,” Engelman stated. 

According to Abraham Initiatives, 37 people have been killed in violent criminal incidents since the start of the war. 

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