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Terrorist fire anti-tank missile from UNRWA school as IDF continues campaign in Rafah and northern Gaza

IDF announces 300 terrorists killed in Rafah since start of incursion

Israeli forces in Gaza (Photo: IDF)

In response to an anti-tank missile fired at IDF troops from a UNRWA school, the IDF's 12th Brigade combat team entered the school complex, which was adjacent to a mosque and a medical clinic. Inside, they discovered weapons and booby traps.

During the 'sweep and clear 'operation in the medical clinic after entering the compound, two explosive charges set in a booby-trapped tunnel shaft detonated on the troops. Three soldiers from the 50th Battalion of the Nahal Brigade – Staff Sgt. Amir Galilove, Staff Sgt. Uri Bar Or and Staff Sgt. Ido Appel – were killed in one of those explosions. 

Their deaths, along with the death of Staff Sgt. Yedidya Azugi (21) who was killed in fighting in northern Gaza, brings the death toll from Israel’s ground campaign in Gaza to 292.  

During the operation, large quantities of weapons were found in the complex, including firearms and grenades. The soldiers located significant shafts leading to a wide network of underground terror tunnels inside classrooms at the school. 

Tunnel shaft located inside a clinic in Rafah (Photo: IDF)

In another incident in Rafah, the IDF called in an airstrike to target three terrorists who opened fire on the troops. 

The IDF reported that it launched more than 50 airstrikes throughout the Gaza Strip over the past 24 hours, including a strike on two terrorists seen leaving a building after shots were fired on IDF soldiers from that position. 

According to the IDF, around 300 terrorists have been killed since the beginning of the operation in Rafah, which began on May 6. 

Israel is continuing its Rafah incursion despite international pressure to halt operations. On Wednesday evening, the IDF announced that it had seized the entire length of the Gaza-Egypt border, a strip approximately 14 km (8.7 miles) long.

During a briefing on Wednesday night, IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Daniel Hagari said 82 tunnel shafts leading to 20 tunnels crossing into Egyptian territory had been discovered. 

While the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden had opposed Israel’s entry into Rafah before it was launched, Washington has not yet called for Israel to halt the operation. 

On Wednesday, White House National Security Spokesman John Kirby told reporters the capture of the border is consistent with the limited operation Israel promised to conduct. 

“When they briefed us on their plans for Rafah it did include moving along that corridor and out of the city proper to put pressure on Hamas in the city,” Kirby said.

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