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Israel takes control of Gaza-Egypt border as IDF announces capture of Philadelphi Corridor

IDF discovers 20 tunnels crossing into Egyptian territory

IDF filming Rockets left by Palestinian terrorists at the Philadelphi Corridor, on late May 2024 (Photo: Screenshot/IDF).

The entire length of the Gaza-Egypt border, including the Philadelphi Corridor running alongside it, is now in Israeli hands, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

In a press briefing on Wednesday evening, IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Daniel Hagari announced that the 14-kilometer (8.7 miles) long strip, which served as “Hamas’ oxygen pipeline” for smuggling weapons, was now occupied by the IDF.

Israeli soldiers are physically present in most of the corridor, except a small part near the Mediterranean coast, which the IDF is controlling with surveillance and firepower.

Hagari stated that along the corridor, the IDF has so far discovered 82 shafts leading to 20 tunnels that cross into Egyptian territory. These tunnels had been used over the past years to resupply Hamas with weapons and equipment, according to the IDF.

The Israeli military was allegedly aware of some of those tunnels, while others were discovered for the first time during the operation to capture the corridor. Some tunnels have already been demolished, Hagari added.

On Wednesday, the IDF stated it had recently destroyed a “significant” Hamas tunnel near the Rafah Border Crossing.

Israeli soldiers found the tunnel after entering through a shaft only around 100 meters (about 330 feet) from the border after receiving intelligence about its location, the IDF said. The shaft led to a tunnel network about 1.5 kilometers (about one mile) long.

In the ensuing raid, soldiers uncovered many weapons, including anti-tank missiles, guns and explosive devices.

While Israel said it has been updating Egypt on the developments, Egypt’s state-affiliated Al-Qahera News quoted a senior source claiming there was “no truth” to the reports of tunnels, and accusing Israel of lying about the operation in Rafah, which lies adjacent to the border.

Israeli soldiers also found dozens of rocket launchers right on the border, some only 12 meters (40 feet) from the Egyptian fence. Hamas reportedly placed the launchers there to prevent Israel from striking them, the IDF said, as the terrorists believed Israel would refrain from striking so close to the border.

“Our troops located along the axis dozens of primed launchers for rocket attacks, launching pits used by Hamas to fire rockets and mortars at Israel,” Hagari said.

The IDF spokesman said Hamas terrorists “took advantage of the Philadelphi area, took advantage of it and built its infrastructure just dozens of meters from the border with Egypt so that we won’t strike there.”

Hagari also noted that around 70 rockets and mortar grenades were fired at Israel from the area of Rafah over recent weeks.

“Israel has finally lifted the veil on one of the region’s open secrets: that the Egyptians, while cracking down on the Muslim Brotherhood in their midst, have been turning a blind eye and likely making a handsome profit off gun-running to Hamas, the Brotherhood’s Palestinian affiliate," wrote Mark Dubowitz, the CEO of the Foundation for Freedom of Democracies.

"This disclosure comes not a moment too soon. There are potentially dozens of hostages in Rafah – Americans among them, perhaps – who now face the prospect of being transported into the Egyptian Sinai, never to be seen again. The United States must use its diplomatic and military aid to Cairo to stop Cairo’s double game," Dubowitz added.

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