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Three Palestinians killed in clashes with IDF in Jenin

Raid came amid continued terror attacks against Israeli targets

IDF raid on Jenin as a part of Operation Break the Wave, Oct. 14, 2022 (Photo: IDF)

The Israeli Defense Forces announced that soldiers entering Jenin to arrest three wanted terror suspects came under “precise gunfire” from militants.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group claimed to have opened fire on the Israeli troops and hurling explosives at them. 

The IDF raid came amid continued terror attacks against Israeli targets, including one on a military outpost in the city of Ofra yesterday. 

The IDF reported no injuries to Israeli personnel in the counterterrorism operation, while three terrorists were killed in the operation – Tariq al-Damaj and Sudki Zakarneh, who were affiliated with the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, and Ata Shalabi. Online photos of Zakarneh and al-Damaj show them holding weapons. 

Palestinian media reported that several others who were injured in the counter-terrorism operation were taken for medical treatment amid the clash. Videos on social media showed a Red Crescent ambulance hit by gunfire while evacuating the wounded. 

The IDF reported detaining three suspects including one from a group that prepared a car bomb intended to explode in Mevo Dotan. The other two suspects were a Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative who took part in shooting attacks against security forces and another who participated in shooting attacks against IDF soldiers. 

In other parts of the West Bank, the IDF arrested 12 additional Palestinians on its wanted list.

Israel has been conducting almost daily arrest raids throughout the West Bank as part of Operation Break the Wave, which began after a wave of Palestinian attacks killed 19 Israelis in the spring. In recent months, these included several raids on Jenin and its associated refugee camp. Earlier this week a Jenin raid led to the capture of Yahya al-Saadi, the son of a top PIJ leader. 

According to the IDF, the raids are meant to dismantle militant networks and stop future attacks. Many Palestinians say, however, they only further Israel’s “occupation.” 

More than 140 Palestinian Arabs have been killed in clashes with Israeli forces this year and at least 31 Israelis and others have died in Israeli Arab or Palestinian attacks, making this the deadliest year of terror-related attacks since 2006. 

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