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Israeli action-thriller series Fauda to announce fifth season on Netflix

Hit series has been praised for its realistic and nuanced portrayal of Jews and Arabs alike in the Levant region and beyond

Fauda (Photo: Netfilix)

The production team behind the Israeli action-thriller series Fauda has reportedly reached an agreement with the Israeli broadcaster YES to produce a fifth season of the very successful television series.

Co-producer and actor Lior Raz admitted that the released fourth season was initially supposed to be the last in the series.

"We wrote the fourth season of 'Fauda' to be its last one," said Raz, who created the series with his colleague Avi Issacharoff. "Now, we want another season." The decision will likely delight many Israeli and international fans alike.

The Fauda series became a major global success thanks to its cooperation with the large content streaming provider Netflix.

Fauda, meaning chaos in Arabic, features an Israeli elite undercover counter-terrorism unit. Raz who speaks fluent Arabic, plays the main character Doron Kavillio, a skilled but flawed undercover agent who often confronts his own inner demons while countering dangerous terrorist threats.

The series has been praised for its realistic and nuanced portrayal of Israelis and Arabs alike in the Levant region and beyond. In January, Fauda became a major hit in Lebanon, as much of the latest season takes place in the small Middle Eastern state where the powerful Iranian-backed terror group Hezbollah operates.

Season 4 also realistically depicted the fundamentalist Islamist threat in European countries, such as Belgium. In addition, Fauda has become popular in Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Romania and Greece, among others.

The exact storyline of the new season is currently not official nor has is it confirmed that the new season will include the existing cast members.

However, one thing appears to be certain: The international appeal of Fauda is still very much alive.

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