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Israel opposes any nuclear deal with Iran, even 'mini-agreements,' says Netanyahu

The Wall Street Journal editorial board recently blasted the Biden administration for appeasing the ayatollah regime

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei visits Iranian centrifuges in Tehran, Iran, June 11, 2023. (Photo: Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader/WANA via REUTERS)

The Jewish state remains opposed to a potential interim nuclear agreement between Iran and the United States, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to his cabinet during a meeting on Sunday.

“Our most important mission is to curb Iran’s nuclear program,” said Netanyahu. “We also tell [the US] that even… ‘mini agreements,’ in our opinion, do not serve our goals, and we oppose those as well,” he added.

Netanyahu, who has warned the international community about a nuclear Iran throughout much of his political career, expressed Jerusalem’s opposition to the original nuclear agreement during the administration of Barack Obama in 2015.

“First of all, [we oppose] the original agreement.”

Netanyahu appeared to take credit for the fact that the United States pulled out of the original nuclear deal (JCPOA) during the Trump administration in 2018.

“Our principled opposition contributes to the fact that the U.S. isn’t returning to the [JCPOA],” said the prime minister.

During an official visit to Israel Aerospace Industries, Netanyahu stressed the emerging U.S.-Iranian understandings “are unacceptable to us.”

While the deal is not finalized, Washington appears to offer $20 billion in sanctions relief to the ayatollah regime. In exchange, Tehran is expected to stop its uranium enrichment at the 60% level, which is vastly above the 3.67% stipulated in the original 2015 deal.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board recently blasted the U.S. Biden administration for appeasing the ayatollah regime in the hopes it would freeze its nuclear ambitions at least until after the next U.S. 2024 election.

“The same people who gave us the Iran nuclear deal in 2015 are trying to pull off a new version that would send Iran cash on day one in return for promises down the road,” stated WSJ.

In its letter, the WSJ editorial board warned that such an agreement would finance Iranian terrorism export across the Middle East region.

“In reality, the U.S. is freeing up billions of dollars that will finance the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and its imperialism across the Middle East.” 

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