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Interview: Dr. Michael Brown sits down with ALL ISRAEL NEWS ahead of Jerusalem Bible Institute fall opening

Recognized leader in Evangelical and Messianic Jewish communities discusses antisemitism, US politics and hopes for future

Dr. Michael Brown in an interview with ALL ISRAEL NEWS on June 2024. (Photo: Screenshot)

Dr. Michael Brown, a well-known figure in the Evangelical charismatic community and the Messianic Jewish community, recently visited Israel for a series of meetings and teachings ahead of the opening of the Jerusalem Bible Institute, scheduled for November.

While in Jerusalem, Dr. Brown sat down with ALL ISRAEL NEWS for an interview where he shared insights on American politics, the church's response to events in Israel following Oct. 7, the role of Jewish believers in Jesus/Yeshua, and his message of hope for the future. 

Dr. Brown is an accomplished American radio host, author, apologist and activist who has significantly impacted Messianic Judaism, Christian Zionism and the Charismatic Movement. His nationally syndicated radio show, "The Line of Fire," reaches a large audience, and he has authored more than 40 books on various topics related to faith and spirituality. He is also a regular contributor to ALL ISRAEL NEWS blogs.

While the main focus of his trip was to raise awareness about the Jerusalem Bible Institute, Dr. Brown also took time to teach several sessions in an Israeli congregation and a seminar for charismatic leaders in the local Messianic community.

The Jerusalem Bible Institute will begin courses in November, with “a very strong emphasis on the Holy Spirit, on revival, and wanting to equip leaders,” Dr. Brown said.

The school, which will initially provide classes in Hebrew before broadening to other languages, will have “solid academics” and focus on “building character, discipling, and mentoring for ministry” in the Messianic Jewish and Arab Christian communities. 

Dr. Brown referred to his “unique situation” as a Messianic Jewish leader, well known for his book on apologetics, “Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus,” as well as his debates with leading rabbis but also for his strong stance against antisemitism and his support for Israel. 

“I work with Israeli leaders [and] Orthodox Jewish leaders, to fight antisemitism, and in that context, I’m not there to proselytize or anything,” he said. “I’m there standing with them against the rising tide of antisemitism.” 

Dr. Brown also noted that for many Evangelicals, strong support for Israel “does not mean we’re anti-Palestinian.” 

“The shedding of blood of a Palestinian child is just as grievous as the shedding of blood of an Israeli child,” he said during the interview.

However, he affirmed that the current crisis with Hamas is an “existential moment” due to the terror group’s promise to repeat attacks like the one on Oct. 7 “over and over until there is no more Israel.” 

In light of the celebration of Shavuot, Dr. Brown also affirmed the hope of both Evangelical Christians and Messianic Jews, that “God’s Spirit will be poured out here more than anywhere else on the planet, that the day will come when the nations will come streaming to Jerusalem to learn from the God of Israel.” 

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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