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IDF close to dismantling last Hamas brigade in Khan Younis, estimates 1 week needed

Khan Younis Brigade headquarters raided, training base of Mohammed Sinwar discovered

Israeli forces in Gaza (Photo: Screenshot)

The IDF raided and dismantled one of the most important Hamas headquarters over the weekend, the IDF spokesman announced on Sunday evening. 

During operations in western Khan Younis, the IDF's Givati Brigade raided the "Al-Qadsia" compound, which served as the main base of the Khan Younis Brigade. The base also housed the office of Mohammad Sinwar, the brother of Hamas’ military leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar. 

The "Al-Qadsia" compound served as a training facility for the Oct. 7 massacre. IDF troops discovered large training areas, some of which contained models simulating entrance gates of Israeli kibbutzim, military bases and IDF armored vehicles. 

Upon entering the area, Israeli forces realized the compound was booby-trapped by terrorists with many explosives, including some buried inside the walls. These were neutralized by engineering forces before the compound was explored.

As Israeli forces approached the base, terrorists entrenched near the position opened fire toward the soldiers. The terrorists were neutralized by sniper fire, tank fire and Israeli Air Force strikes.

The fighters breached the central war room of the Khan Younis Brigade and the offices of senior officers. Further exploration of the base revealed rocket storage facilities and tunnel shafts leading to underground tunnel routes used by Hamas.

Givati soldiers also discovered a workshop with a lathe for manufacturing weapons, as well as many weapons, including anti-tank missiles, RPGs, light machine guns, explosives, grenades, ammunition and more. 

"The brigade operates with intensity in the west of Khan Yunis and succeeds in bringing the terrorists out of their hiding places every day," said Givati Brigade commander, Lt.-Col. Liron Batito. 

The IDF has focused intensely on Khan Younis since December, after announcing operational control over the northern Gaza Strip. The IDF says it has identified many instances of Hamas fighters hiding in civilian shelters in the neighborhood. 

The Givati Brigade helped to evacuate around 120,000 Gaza residents to humanitarian safe zones over the past few weeks. During those evacuations, it captured around 500 suspected Hamas terrorists, handing them over to security forces for questioning. 

Also on Sunday, the IDF reported that the Paratroopers brigade has intensified fighting in the al-Amal neighborhood in western Khan Younis as the IDF attempts to exert operational control over the former Hamas stronghold. Some analysts have estimated that the IDF could take control of Khan Younis within a week. 

The area was discovered to be a stronghold of the Hamas terrorist organization, with the IDF successfully locating weapons, Hamas terrorist infrastructure, underground tunnel shafts, observation posts and weapons manufacturing facilities. 

During his weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that 17 of Hamas’ 24 battalions have been dismantled. 

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