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Israel finally going it alone with God

Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan addresses the UN Security Council as they meet to debate a resolution to demand an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza during the conflict between Israel and Hamas, at UN headquarters in New York, February 20, 2024. (Photo: REUTERS/Mike Segar)

What do you do when those who were considered your best friends abandon you in your greatest time of need? Unless you’re an atheist, you turn to God, knowing that all human resources have been exhausted.

While most of us, at one point or another, have found ourselves alone, feeling as if we had dwindling support, it usually didn’t impact whether or not we lived to see another day, but in the case of Israel, being forced to go it alone may be the best thing that ever happened to the Jewish homeland, because now, it demands that God enter the picture.

When the predictable news came yesterday, that the UN Security Council had voted for an immediate ceasefire to take place, as it relates to the Gaza war, no one was surprised, because it was for what they’d been clamoring all along. But when the U.S. decided to abstain and not veto the decision, that was when we knew that we had officially been abandoned by those who promised they’d never do so.

Although the vote is non-binding, the concern comes from what consequences will ensue if Israel chooses to ignore the demand. Does anyone think that another legal proceeding at the Hague will not be on the table? According to Ynet News, non-compliance could “have an impact on the contacts for the hostage deal and more fighting in Gaza will lead to an international discourse on violation of the resolution, and will strengthen arguments in the Hague.”

So, while the Biden administration, through its non-veto option, has “left the building,” others began to share their optimism that this will not happen under a Trump administration, should he win in November. Perhaps, they were the most surprised when Trump concurred, in a Fox News interview, telling Netanyahu to “finish it up” in Gaza, despite his having said that the October 7 attack would have never happened under his watch.

Saying all the right things, Trump, considered a staunch ally of Israel said he, too, “would have reacted the same way Israel did after Hamas’s October 7 attack.” He also said that “Hamas’s killing spree was one of the saddest things he’d ever seen.” But despite the empathy and identification with Israel’s suffering, it didn’t stop him from commenting that, “Israel is losing international support and should wrap up its war against the Islamist group in Gaza.”

Two polar opposite politicians, but each expressing the same sentiment for completely different reasons. Biden, well aware of the ever-growing antisemitic base, within his party, knows that he must let go of Israel’s hand if he hopes to regain the angry voters who reacted harshly to his initial support of the Jewish homeland, quickly having become a liability for his political aspirations. Trump, on the other hand, laments what befell us, claiming he would have responded as we did, but, nonetheless, is unable to divorce himself from international public opinion, giving it undeserved credence and weight.

But is it a coincidence that everyone has walked away from the only democracy in the Middle East, one which has accurately and soberly been able to identify the greatest evil of our present day, warning others that its long tentacles are preparing to reach out to them as their next target? Why would they be so naive and unbelieving as to think that their way of life won’t be impacted by a terrorist ideology that craves world dominance? Yet, that’s exactly where they are – urging Israel to wrap up the most crucial battle of everyone’s life while they hit the snooze button.

So now, instead of being told to fight with one hand tied behind our back, we’re being told not to fight at all. It’s time to close the curtain on the goal of wiping out savage murderous terrorists. But, only Israel will have to face the consequences if she decides to comply with the most imprudent and foolish advice that could be given.

As we, once again, find ourselves in a life-threatening predicament that risks our very existence, we would be smart to go back to the pages in scripture, which record a similar time when we, as a people, failed to heed the divine instructions given to us, by the Almighty. It was in the time of the prophet Samuel, who anointed Saul, the king, relaying God’s message to utterly destroy Amalek, the worst enemies Israel had ever endured, sparing none of them, not even their animals (I Samuel 15).

Despite the no-exception rule, Saul chose to preserve choice animals, causing God to regret His decision to make Saul king. That one act of defiance ended up bitterly backfiring on Israel which paid the heavy price for disobeying the One who was ready to help us completely defeat our worst enemy. Rejecting God’s command ended Saul’s leadership and the allowance of evil continued to haunt God’s people to this very day – now in the form of Hamas! 

Going it alone resulted in our exile among the nations, in thousands of years of suffering and living in perpetual conflict.

Will we continue to go it alone – trusting in our faulty leaders, our failed intelligence, our powerful allies, our mighty army or any other human resource that represents the comfort of a security blanket and a safe refuge upon which we can rely? Or will we finally go it alone with God, trusting Him to save the day as He compassionately and mercifully takes over, striking fear into the hearts of his enemies who audaciously believe that they have the advantage of a UN Security Council vote which they believe has the power to make us bend the knee to their command?

The abandonment of Israel, by every nation, was predicted thousands of years ago by the Jewish prophet Zechariah who starts out his last chapter detailing exactly how that final battle will come down, and while we may not be there yet, the sides are being taken as one by one, all of our reliable allies are evaporating faster than a drop of water on a hot stove. 

But it stands to reason that if the Sovereign God is truly the only answer, then why wouldn’t He engineer the circumstances that would lead us to acknowledge that Israel without Him is Saul, stripped of his anointing?

It is the corrupt world that looks upon the story of utterly destroying an enemy as unthinkable, inhumane and immoral. That is what they’ve told us, in recent days, when the word “Amalek” was invoked as a comparison to what must be done to Hamas terrorists. The harsh criticism over such a parallel was unthinkable to those who turned around and used that reference to condemn Israel as the real evildoers. But such reactions come from godless people who neither know God nor acknowledge His supremacy and dominion over all of us.

Israel has no choice! We are now fighting this battle without the nations’ support, but we are far from alone, because if God is by our side, what chance does anyone else really stand?

A former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the US before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives in the center of the country with her husband.

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