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A young Bedouin agricultural worker among more than 240 Israelis kidnapped by Hamas

Samer Talalka's father talks about his son who is held hostage in Gaza

Samer Talalka (Photo courtesy)

When Hamas terrorists broke through into Israel on Oct. 7, murdering and torturing civilians and soldiers alike, they didn’t just attack Jews but indiscriminately shot everyone they could get their hands on.

In this way, over 20 members of southern Israel’s Bedouin Arab population were murdered, while some were also kidnapped and are now being held hostage by Hamas in Gaza

The fact that they aren’t Jewish, but Arab Muslim, did not save them from the cruelty of Hamas terrorists.

One such Bedouin, Samer Talalka, a resident of the Bedouin town of Hura, was captured on Kibbutz Nir Oz, where he was an agricultural worker in the hatchery.

Samer's father, Fuad Talalka, shared the story of his son in an interview with Israel's Ynet news outlet.

“Samer is 24 years old, a single guy. In the summer, he was supposed to get married and started building his house behind my house. He has been working with me for six years in the kibbutz hatchery and he really likes motorcycles, motorcycles are his life; he’s sick about them. He is a good and honest guy and does not cause problems,” Fuad said with tears in his eyes.

“On Saturday morning, I was home and heard a lot of alarm sirens. Samer, who was on duty at the kibbutz chicken hatchery, called and told me that something strange was happening and that there is a shooting from inside the kibbutz; and I told him to be careful and stay at the kibbutz.”

Fuad then called the owner of the hatchery, who told him to calm down because he saw Israeli soldiers through the cameras in the hatchery.

“In retrospect, it was brutal terrorists in [Israeli] uniform who came with a malicious plan and fortified themselves in the hatchery, which became a hatching ground for terrorists.”

When Fuad and Samer spoke on the phone for the last time shortly past 7 a.m., Samer told his father that the shooting was getting closer. Fuad tried to call again later but to no avail.

“At 8:20, Hamas uploaded a picture of Samer on Telegram from Gaza. Friends who recognized him sent me the photo. Hamas kidnapped my son with his car to Gaza,” Fuad said.

In the photo, Samer is being led through the streets of Gaza, with Hamas terrorists shielding him from a brutal mob of civilians.

Samer taken through the streets in Gaza (Photo: Screenshot/Ynet/Tomer Shunem Halevi)

The Israel Police and security agencies have kept in close contact with Fuad but do not yet have any additional information about his missing son, Samer, apart from the photo.

Fuad asked to deliver a message to his captive son: “We are constantly praying. The whole family can’t sleep, including all the siblings and your mother, who has been suffering and hasn’t spoken for a month. Every time I close my eyes, I hear Samer calling to me, ‘Dad, where are you? Why don’t you come to take me home?’”

“If Samer could hear me, I would tell him that all your family and friends are waiting for you to come home safely and as soon as possible; the whole world is waiting for you.”

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