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Where are we 20 years after 9/11? Rosenberg tells Fox News that Iranian supreme leader has been described as a 'second Hitler'

It's not al Qaeda or ISIS making the credible threats these days – it’s Iran, Rosenberg says

As we remember the fallen heroes and victims of 9/11, the question remains: Where do we stand on the war on terror 20 years later?

Joel Rosenberg, ALL ISRAEL NEWS editor-in-chief, said the new danger is not from al Qaeda and ISIS, but from Iran where the supreme leader has been described as a "second Hitler."

“One of the ways we have to never forget these great heroes that tried to protect us … we have to make sure it never happens again,” Rosenberg told Fox News host Shannon Bream last week. “And as I sit with Arab Muslim leaders and Israeli leaders at the highest levels – the kings, the crown princes, presidents and prime ministers – as I write about in ‘Enemies and Allies,’ one of the things they tell me is that the lights are blinking red on the dashboard again.” 

The headline from the Miami Herald on the 20th anniversary of the large-scale terror attacks on American soil read: “Twenty years after 9/11, War on Terror Persists and there are more threats than ever.” 

Iran has 10 times more enriched uranium than is allowed under the Iran nuclear deal and is “dangerously close” to having enough military grade enriched uranium to start building bombs, Rosenberg noted. Israeli intelligence says that’s just two months away. 

“We’re still mourning and struggling with what happened 20 years ago. But how do we make sure that there’s not a nuclear 9/11 today? Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, told me on the record in Riyadh, ‘The Supreme Leader of Iran is the new Hitler.’” 

“How do we make sure they don’t, you know, bring a second Holocaust or a nuclear 9/11? That’s the critical issue right now.”

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