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What has caused the spontaneous combustion of Jew hatred worldwide? Part 1

Pro-Palestinian protestors chant "Gas the Jews," at a demonstration in Sydney, Australia (Photo: Screenshot)

Hatred for the Jews is something which has always existed, ever since the time of Abraham. It’s easy enough to point back to the initial conflict of Isaac and Ishmael, his two offspring but whose roles were not equal nor was their inheritance. Only one was called the child of promise, whose line would bear the blessing and the continuation of God’s chosen people.

And while each year, part of the Passover Haggadah, (the text read during the celebratory Seder meal) we read: “In every generation, our enemy rises up to destroy us,” no one could have predicted the sudden spontaneous combustion of Jew hatred which has emerged throughout the entire world, calling for Jews to be gassed and for the annihilation of the entire race – as evidenced by the slogan, “from the river to the sea.”

Often disguised in the form of anti-Israel protests, or strong opposition against the Jewish state, it is not solely individuals from a Palestinian or Arab background who are angrily making their voices heard this time around.  

Ever since October 7, when the Hamas terror organization parachuted into Israeli territory in order to execute the worst massacre of the Jewish people, since the days of the Holocaust, world sentiment, on a large scale, has not only been against the country, which suffered that barbarous attack, but also towards the people who share that ethnicity, regardless of where they live.

This is the curious question on the minds of so many. How and why did this happen? Wouldn’t one think that sympathies should lie with those who suffered the unspeakable blow which was responsible for the killing of over a thousand innocents, including babies and children?

There are those who believe that this unjustified hatred was always tucked away under the surface, quietly contained, ever since WWII came to a close, but is it possible for such intense flames of rage and anger, towards an entire race, to be neatly and silently contained for almost 80 years? The reason that it is not likely is because the type of passions and intensity that have been let loose are not those which could have been kept dormant for such a long period of time.

So there has to be another explanation. When considering what that could be, we have to take a look at two particular factors – one social and one spiritual, because each plays off the other.

As we look at the participants of these anti-Israel protests, it’s plain to see that most are under the age of 40, with, perhaps, a few exceptions. Since many of these gatherings happen on campuses, this confirms that the age group is generally from the 18-30. While they are all well-equipped with anger, rage and profane slogans, they would be hard-pressed to articulate over what. Sure, they’ll tell you that a genocide is being committed in Palestine, but that’s about it.  

They are ignorant concerning the history, geographical and political implications, as well as the external and internal causes which have contributed to the suppression of the so-called Palestinian people.  Oblivious to the bad actors who have always had a specific agenda to destroy any Jewish presence in the Middle East, they have unwittingly joined forces.   

They know nothing about our 2,000 years of wandering, persecution and numerous attempts to eradicate us. They know nothing about the 1947 Partition Plan of the UN, calling for a Jewish state, supported by world majority. They know nothing about the many wars fought by Israel to survive as a nation, and they especially don’t understand that the greatest oppression and disregard of those who live in Gaza comes from the surrounding Arab nations who care nothing about them. These are crucial facts which have escaped their attention.

So, other than their deliberate and willful ignorance, what else does this generation have in common? They are all connected to social media which feeds into their lack of knowledge and, instead, is an instrument of indoctrination, often based on skewed factors which are useful in promoting the preferred narrative. 

A recent Pew Research poll revealed that, “more Americans are getting news on TikTok,” showing the greatest trend in the 18-29 age group. 

It is the short video clip form which most appeals to them but which neither provides context nor necessarily accurate information. It is the quick sound bite that arms them just enough to be dangerous. This erroneous data is then disseminated to other like-minded friends in record time. 

Couple this one-sided, distorted information with a careful and calculated neo-Marxist indoctrination throughout their school years, and you have a constituency which believes in the existence of only two people groups – the oppressed and the oppressors. Part of this mindset has been provided, courtesy of the Woke philosophy which has found its way into the educational system, causing young people to look through this one lens of injustice.  

They can only see that Israel boasts one of the strongest militaries in the world, a thriving hi-tech sector, an innovative medical industry, a blossoming agricultural production and just about every type of inventive breakthrough known to man. In short, Israel is on the cutting edge of society, providing the world with creative advancements of all kinds – almost leaving everyone else in the dust.  

While you think that would stimulate admiration, it actually contributes to jealousy and a sense, by them, that Israel has superiority. It is that viewpoint which young people see as a negative, because it merely highlights lesser societies as those which have not pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and accomplished much through hard work and determination.  

These same misinformed young people make an erroneous connection that disenfranchised societies are prevented by overlords who are purposely keeping them from making their own strides, despite the fact that they cannot point to any empirical evidence that this is the case. 

While they like to throw around the term “apartheid” to define Israel’s government, they miss the fact that Israeli society offers the same advantages for its Arab citizens, resulting in their also becoming professors, doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians and even members of Knesset – none of which attests to the existence of an apartheid system.

But there can be no hatred or disparagement if Israel is found to be a country which provides fair and even-handed opportunity for all. The disdain can only be waged with the help of lies, propaganda and complete misinformation about an upwardly mobile, successful nation. Because in order to garner sympathy, Israel must remain the pitiful and scorned people who did not rise from the ashes of Auschwitz but rather remained oppressed and downtrodden.

Our great sin was that we emerged from victimhood to victor! This is what is stuck in the craw of these indoctrinated young people, whose need to feel empowered comes from the misery of others they are championing.  Never mind that they are governed by savage terrorists whose blood thirst is unquenchable. Never mind that they don’t realize that the same individuals they are promoting would turn around in a heartbeat and incinerate them too. 

Their loyalties are with the oppressed, and, these days, terrorists are the new freedom fighters who have no other alternative than to resort to violence in order to get what’s coming to them!

Stay tuned for Part 2.


A former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the US before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives in the center of the country with her husband.

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