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WATCH: Iran's obsession with wiping Israel off the map

IDF Sgt. Major Chaim Malespin exposes the disturbing truth behind the conflict, revealing the relentless calls for Israel's destruction and the unwavering determination of the Jewish people to survive against all odds.

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I want to be a little Sherlock Holmes – "Sherlock Chaim" – and get to the bottom of things.

Let's do a little detective work together.

What is this whole conflict really about?

War looming with Lebanon.


What is behind all of this?

Let's take a quick tour of some of the major conflicts that have been raging in the world that people don't talk about.

Ireland had a conflict with Protestants versus Catholics, right? They've been fighting for ages over different interpretations of the very same religion.

Different places in the world have conflicts.

In Africa, you have various armed groups battling for control over land, over resources.

Myanmar has a power struggle between the military and the resistance forces.

But let's zoom in for a second now on the never-ending soap opera – this ongoing saga between Israel and Iran – arch enemies.

Right now, it's a real head-scratcher.

It can't be chalked up to a dispute over land – over territory.

They're way far away from this land. We're way over here.

Lebanon has given up trying to claim back any land from Israel and saying it's about land and territory.

No, it's not really a religious war either.

Even though Iran is a Muslim theocracy. They're Shiite.

You know, they are Sunnis against Shiites. There are Twelver Shiites, there are Niner Shiites.

They have an apocalyptic worldview.

They have this "little idea: that they keep on coming back to of we gotta wipe Israel off the map: We got to destroy Israel forever.

Iranian leaders seem to be less interested in theological debates but more just – "Let's get rid of Israel forever."

Very strange. Why is this?

You know, Iran and its proxies like Hezbollah, the Houthis in Yemen, the Badr force in Iraq, Hamas – all these proxies, the Islamic Jihad.

It's a pesky habit to keep on calling for the destruction of Israel, when Jewish people just want to sit down and talk peace and be at peace.

And we're opening up negotiations with someone who's saying that we shouldn't even exist. We shouldn't be allowed to exist.

Imagine you're trying to haggle with a used car salesman, okay? And you're used to focusing on getting the best deal. But this meshugana [crazy] salesman, he's not interested in your generous offer. No, this guy's talking point is that you should die a fiery death. So it's like, how will I get a car bought when he just wants me to die in a fiery ball of death? Kind of strange, right?

So I think that's kind of what's at the heart of the Israeli-Iran conflict.

It's hard to find common ground with an adversary who for him and all his friends – we should have no right to exist or to live. And so do you compromise with that?

Do you say, well, okay, you know, let's meet halfway?

It's dreams of destruction versus dreams of peace, and Israelis are used to tough negotiation, we're very good at negotiating.

But the other side can't just actively keep on trying to destroy you and help with these with the 7th of October and really trying to murder you. And so maybe they didn't succeed today, but what about tomorrow?

So while there are wars that are fought worldwide over all kinds of issues – land, religion, power – Israel is kind of stuck in the middle of this unfortunate position of confronting an enemy which is a foe that's just hell-bent on seeing our elimination from the world.

No simple solutions for that.

But hey, we could still keep the diplomats employed and keep them flying around and talking.

And Anthony Blinken and everybody can keep flying around.

But here in the end, "Am Israel Chayim," the People of Israel live.

And I thought about this for a long time, saying, "Am Israel Chai," is that kind of obvious, where the people of Israel live. We're alive.

It's like, well, you ate food, you went to sleep, you woke up, you're alive. Wow.

That's not a very big revelation.

But it is big if your enemies want you dead.

And it's almost like saying, "Hey, Am Yisrael chai, we're alive. So there, so there. Put that in your sneakers," right?

So we think of King David. He wrote Psalms, chapter three, and he said, "Lord, many are my foes. Many are they that rise up against me. Many are saying of my soul, there is no salvation for him in God."

But when you're facing opposition, when you're facing people that want to utterly destroy you and you take a stand, you are taking a stand in prayer.

You're taking a stand. You're standing for life.

And if you're God's chosen people and they want to kill you, you better pray.

And you better remember that in the end, it's a battle against God – the God of Israel.

We know who wins.

So let's keep praying for the true Prince of Peace's peace.

Chaim is the director of the Aliyah Return Center, an Israeli non-profit organization based in Tiberias that assists new immigrants in moving to and settling in Israel.

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