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VIDEOS & AUDIO INTERCEPT EXPOSES HAMAS LIES: A PIJ rocket misfired and hit Gaza hospital – not Israel – but media broadcast a ‘blood libel’ against Israel

Translation of a recording of a conversation between Hamas operatives (Photo: Screenshot/IDF)

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – Starting yesterday, every major news organization in the world has broadcast TV and radio reports and published front-page headlines accusing Israel of committing “war crimes” by bombing the Al-Ma’amadani Hospital in Gaza.

There is just one problem with that narrative.

It isn’t true.

In fact, it’s a total lie, perpetrated by the Hamas propaganda machine, despite the fact that a phone call between Hamas operatives – intercepted by the IDF – proves the terrorist leadership knew that it wasn’t Israel’s fault.

But the mainstream media bought it hook, line and sinker.

(Photo: Screenshot)

Without doubting Hamas’ words for a moment, most of the media ran with the terrorist 'spin' that Israel was the guilty party.

(Photo: Screenshot)

It is true that the hospital was hit by rocket fire last night – and tragically, many died and even more were injured.

But it wasn’t an Israeli missile that hit the hospital.

It was a malfunctioning rocket fired by a terrorist organization in Gaza known as the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, or “PIJ.”

This morning, the Israel Defense Forces released incontrovertible proof showing that PIJ – not Israel – was responsible for the explosion.

Video from security cameras from a nearby building in Gaza clearly shows a salvo of rockets being fired at Israel and that at least one of the rockets malfunctioned and fell on the parking lot of the hospital, causing several vehicles to explode and catch on fire.

IDF visual analysis of the explosion at the Al-Ma’amadani Hospital in Gaza (Photo: IDF)

The IDF played audio recordings for reporters so they could listen to Hamas terrorists discussing that it was a PIJ rocket – not Israel – that caused the devastating destruction at the hospital, as you will see in the transcript below.

The IDF also released images showing the hospital before and after the explosion, revealing the lack of an impact crater that would have been created by the bombs Israel uses for attacking terror sites in Gaza.

“An analysis of IDF operational systems indicates that a barrage of rockets was fired by terrorists in Gaza, passing in close proximity to the Ahli hospital in Gaza at the time it was hit,” says IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Daniel Hagari.

“And intelligence from multiple sources we have in our possession indicates that Islamic Jihad is responsible for the failed rocket launch that hit the hospital in Gaza,” he continued.

(Image: IDF)

In addition, the Hamas-controlled Gaza Ministry of Health initially claimed that over 500 people had been killed in the explosion at the hospital.

Later that figure was reduced to between 200 and 300 people killed.

Several open-source intelligence (OSINT) groups on X (formerly Twitter) also geolocated buildings seen in several videos of the blast, demonstrating that the hospital was under the flight path of the barrage of PIJ rockets seen in videos at the time of the explosion.

This is far from the first time Palestinian rockets aimed at Israel have misfired and actually fallen on Palestinian civilians living in northern Gaza, causing deaths and injuries.

(Image: IDF)

“The terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip shoot indiscriminately at Israel, endangering and harming the residents of the Gaza Strip as well,” the IDF noted in a statement.

“Since the beginning of the war, approximately 450 rockets have been launched by the terrorist organizations that fell in the Gaza Strip.”

Israel announced this morning that it had transferred all the intel relating to the blast in its possession to the United States for evaluation.

“So the whole world knows: The barbaric terrorists in Gaza are the ones who attacked the Gaza hospital, not the IDF,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated categorically.

“Those who cruelly murdered our children murder their children as well," Netanyahu added.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog condemned the media for being quick to publish the lies of Hamas.

“Shame on the media who swallow the lies of Hamas and Islamic Jihad — broadcasting a 21st-century blood libel around the globe. Shame on the vile terrorists in Gaza who willfully spill the blood of the innocent,” Herzog wrote on X.

“An Islamic Jihad missile has killed many Palestinians at a Gazan hospital – a place where lives should be saved,” he wrote.

“Shame on the vile terrorists in Gaza who willfully spill the blood of the innocent. Never before has the choice been clearer. Israel is standing against an enemy made of pure evil. If you stand for humanity – for the value of human life – you stand with Israel.”


HAMAS OPERATIVE #1: I’m telling you this, it the first time that we see a missile like this falling, and so that’s why we are saying it belongs to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.


HAMAS OPERATIVE #1: They are saying it belongs to Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

HAMAS OPERATIVE #2: It’s from us?

HAMAS OPERATIVE #1: It looks like it!

HAMAS OPERATIVE #2: Who says this?

HAMAS OPERATIVE #1: They are saying that the shrapnel from the missile is local shrapnel and not like Israeli shrapnel.

HAMAS OPERATIVE #2: What are you saying, [NAME WITHHELD]? [PAUSE] But, God bless, it couldn’t have found another place to explode?

HAMAS OPERATIVE #1: Never mind, yes, [NAME WITHHELD], they shot it from the cemetery behind the hospital.


HAMAS OPERATIVE #1: They shot it coming from the cemetery behind the Al-Ma’amadani Hospital – and it misfired and fell on them.

HAMAS OPERATIVE #2: There’s a cemetery behind it?

HAMAS OPERATIVE #1: Yes, Al-Ma’amadani is exactly in the compound.

HAMAS OPERATIVE #2: Where is it when you enter the compound?

HAMAS OPERATIVE #1: You first enter the compound and don’t go toward the city and it’s on the right side of the Al-Ma’amadani Hospital.

HAMAS OPERATIVE #2: Yes, I know it.

Joel C. Rosenberg is the editor-in-chief of ALL ISRAEL NEWS and ALL ARAB NEWS and the President and CEO of Near East Media. A New York Times best-selling author, Middle East analyst, and Evangelical leader, he lives in Jerusalem with his wife and sons.

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