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On THE ROSENBERG REPORT: Trump, former US Ambassador David Friedman and NRB President Troy Miller blast Biden’s Middle East policy

Join Joel Rosenberg with exclusive insights from the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville


“Upon taking office, I will create a new federal task force on fighting anti-Christian bias. It's become a very big term, anti-Christian bias. Not believable that we have a term like that, is it?” 

This promise was made by former U.S. President and current Republican frontrunner Donald Trump to more than 4,000 Christian media professionals last week. Among them were communicators, broadcasters, journalists, media executives and podcasters, who gathered in Nashville, Tennessee for the annual National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention. 

(Photo: Screenshot/TBN's The Rosenberg Report)

In this week’s episode of THE ROSENBERG REPORT on TBN, ALL ISRAEL NEWS Editor-in-Chief Joel Rosenberg shares highlights from Trump’s keynote speech. 

What did he say about Israel, Iran and President Biden’s policy in the Middle East? 

During his remarks, the former president invited to the stage his top advisor for Middle Eastern affairs, former U.S. Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman. He spoke about the administration’s policy achievements in the region.

In an exclusive interview, Friedman told Rosenberg that he would love to rejoin a future Trump administration. 

“He's been a leader like Israel has never had in the Oval Office,” Friedman said. 

The former ambassador has blasted the Biden administration for putting pressure on Israel during its war against Hamas. He is especially perplexed over Biden’s attempt to push a Palestinian state down Israel’s throat. 

“The president and the secretary of state began to speak more and more about a two-state solution, how important that is… I'm thinking the world's just upside down,” Ambassador Friedman told Rosenberg. 

In 2005, Israel pulled its troops out of the Gaza Strip and gave it to the Palestinians on a silver platter. In 2007, the Hamas terrorist organization was elected into power and the rest is well known. 

“They turned it into a terror state. So, we know it doesn't work. Right? We know with certainty – it's no longer a hypothetical,” said Friedman. 

He believes the Gaza experience has taught us that there cannot be a Palestinian state. 

Rosenberg added that Israel's experience with the West Bank isn’t too promising either.  

“The Palestinian Authority has turned Judea and Samaria into a terror base camp,” he said. “Where do we see evidence of Palestine self-governance that has worked?” 

Friedman shared his personal unique vision for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. 

What is Friedman's formula for peace? 

Is there a chance it will be adopted as policy? 

Joel Rosenberg interviews former U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman (Photo: Screenshot/TBN's The Rosenberg Report)

While In Nashville, Rosenberg sat down with Troy Miller, the CEO of the National Religious Broadcasters Association. He heard about the NRB’s agenda, including a special initiative promoted this year. 

The NRB endorsed the “Biblical Heartland Resolution” that rejects the use of the term ‘West Bank.’ Instead, broadcasters are urged to use ‘Judea and Samaria.’

“Words do matter and truth matters,” said Miller. “We're going to distribute this to all of our members. We're going to ask all of our media members to start to use the correct terminology.”

Further explaining the decision, Miller stressed: “Nowhere in the Bible do you find the words ‘West Bank’…  you find Judea and Samaria. Now go to the New Testament... We know where Jesus ministered. He went to Judea, He ministered in Judea. He went through Samaria.”

Since Oct. 7, Miller has made a solidarity trip to Israel.

“This was by far the deeper emotional trip I've ever been on,” he told Rosenberg. 

What brought tears to Miller’s eyes, as he described his experience?

Joel Rosenberg interviews Troy Miller, the CEO of the National Religious Broadcasters Association (Photo: Screenshot/TBN's The Rosenberg Report)

Since the outbreak of the war, Rosenberg’s non-profit organization – THE JOSHUA FUND – has been facilitating humanitarian relief efforts across Israel. 

Wayne Pedersen, a member of The Joshua Fund’s board of directors, received the Hall of Fame Award at the NRB convention this year. 

In his conversation on THE ROSENBERG REPORT, Pederson said the fund provides “humanitarian aid and discipleship training to demonstrate the love of Christ to Jews and Arabs.” 

Joel Rosenberg interviews Wayne Pedersen (Photo: Screenshot/TBN's The Rosenberg Report)

What does Pederssen pray for in Israel’s darkest hour? 

Don’t miss tonight’s episode. 

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