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The calm before the storm? What’s next after Israel’s Iran strike

Joel Rosenberg joins TBN’s Stakelbeck Tonight to discuss the Iran strike aftermath

(Photo: Screenshot/TBN's Stakelbeck Tonight)

ALL ISRAEL NEWS Editor-in-Chief Joel Rosenberg joined TBN’s Erick Stakelbeck and Yair Pinto to discuss the aftermath of Israel’s surgical strike in Iran on Friday morning, on the latest episode of Stakelbeck Tonight.

After Iran’s unprecedented missile and drone assault against Israel, the Jewish state on Friday responded with a pinpoint strike near the Iranian city of Isfahan to send a strong message by taking out an advanced air defense system tasked with defending a nearby nuclear site.

“Israeli leaders are not commenting on the Isfahan strike or claiming any responsibility, and the Iranian regime is downplaying it,” Stakelbeck said. “So has the moment for a major confrontation now passed, or is this the calm before the storm?”

Rosenberg noted that Israel's restrained response was shaped by multiple factors, including pressure from the Biden administration.

“You don't want to tick off Biden because we needed Biden's veto at the UN on Thursday when 12 countries tried to jam down our throats a unilaterally declared Palestinian state. We need the U.S. to pass the $26 billion emergency military aid package for us this weekend,” Rosenberg said.

“We want to keep the Europeans and the Sunni Arabs working with us against Iran. We don't want to tick them off. So there's there's a lot of considerations. I want to see a much bigger strike soon against Iran,” he added.

When asked if Israel should concentrate on its current military fronts in the Gaza Strip and along the northern border with Lebanon, Rosenberg wholeheartedly agreed with Pinto.

Pinto emphasized that Israel's focus was on concluding its operations against Hamas with an incursion into Rafah.

“I think this is absolutely right… But the question is timing, it's sequencing. We've got to win in Gaza. We've got to defeat Hamas and get our hostages back. That's our number one priority,” Rosenberg said, before adding: “Then we have to turn towards Hezbollah.”

A war against the Lebanese terror group is now inevitable, Rosenberg noted.

“We're going in big. We've got to push Hezbollah back 15, 20 miles, 25 miles away from our borders, or our people are not going to return. And that will not be politically or morally acceptable here in Israel.”

Click below to watch the full discussion.

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