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Ten Boom Coffee Roasters – partnering with Israeli coffee company – launches online shop

Farm-to-mug coffee concept draws Jewish Israeli, Christian American business owners to collaborate, helping farmers while bringing coffee to your mug

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April 15 was a special date for Ten Boom Coffee Roasters as they celebrated both the life of Corrie Ten Boom and the official launch of their online coffee shop.

Not only was April 15 significant for marking both the launch and the birth of Corrie Ten Boom but also marking the day she later passed away. When one is born into and leaves this world on the same day, it is believed to be a sign of the total completion of one’s life and their God given task on earth. 

This is why Ten Boom Coffee Roasters chose to celebrate the launch of their business on this day—to both embody and bring recognition to Corrie’s long-lived, full, and totally completed life on earth and the legacy she leaves long lasting with us.

Ten Boom Coffee Roasters provides coffee that is good all the way from the farm to your cup. It is a unique business model, one that combines many international connections with one legacy. They are partnered with an Israeli coffee company called Agrocafe which is based in the Elah valley in Israel. Agrocafe implements a special Israeli agricultural technology in each of their coffee farms around the world, gifting it to the farmers therein. Due to this special technology, we have seen an increase in both the quantity and quality of each harvest. 

This direct investment into the coffee farms has also had a direct impact on the farmers we partner with. As the technology has increased the healthy and bountiful yield of coffee, we have seen the farmers salaries increase significantly, changing their lives in the process. This is simply another example of the impact that Israel’s technology is having around the world. As previously mentioned, the technology that Agrocafe provides is gifted, in exchange receiving just a percentage of the green coffee that is harvested. This coffee is then sent and roasted fresh at Ten Boom Coffee for customers in the US to enjoy!

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When a bag of Ten Boom Coffee is bought, it is helping create greater sustainability and quality of life for coffee growers around the world. In addition, a portion of Ten Boom Coffee Roasters profits are given to organizations like Passages Israel, which brings young Christians over to Israel to experience the land, culture, and conflicts of the Middle East. Ten Boom Coffee believes that bringing the younger generations to experience all of Israel is an experience that helps equip modern day leaders to take and positively impact their communities back home.

Ten Boom Coffee Roasters exists to be a force for good in today’s world as they are brewing good coffee and goodness in their communities today. Their vision is to change the world one sip of coffee at a time as they are sharing the story of Corrie Ten Boom and working with Agrocafe Israel.

Ten Boom Coffee Roasters is currently offering a special 15% discount to ALL ISRAEL NEWS followers in celebrating their official launch. Visit Ten Boom Coffee Roasters to learn more and use the code “ALLISRAEL” to get 15% off your first bag of coffee today and brew goodness with us!

Follow Ten Boom Coffee Roasters on Instagram @tenboom.roasters and join in using #theresgoodnessbrewing

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