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Spain, Ireland and Norway officially recognize ‘Palestinian State’ – Israeli FM: Spain complicit in war crimes

Diplomatic relations between Spain and Israel continue to deteriorate

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, on May 27, 2024, in Madrid, Spain (Photo: Oscar Gonzalez/Sipa USA).

After announcing the move last week, Spain, Norway and Ireland declared their recognition of a Palestinian state on Tuesday, drawing harsh criticism from Israel’s foreign minister, Israel Katz.

“This is a historic decision that has a single goal, and that is to help Israelis and Palestinians achieve peace,” Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said during a televised speech in the capital Madrid.

The decision was not aimed “against anyone, least of all against Israel, a friendly people whom we respect, whom we appreciate and with whom we want to have the best possible relationship,” the Spanish leader added.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry went on a diplomatic offensive last week after Spain, Ireland and Norway jointly announced they would recognize a Palestinian state on May 28.

Israel summoned the three countries’ ambassadors for a reprimand, during which they were shown footage of the Hamas massacre and abductions on Oct. 7.

Norway's Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide stated Tuesday that “for more than 30 years, Norway has been one of the strongest advocates for a Palestinian state. Today, when Norway officially recognizes Palestine as a state, is a milestone in the relationship between Norway and Palestine.”

Ireland's cabinet also voted to recognize a Palestinian state. “The Government recognizes Palestine as a sovereign and independent state and agreed to establish full diplomatic relations between Dublin and Ramallah,” a statement said after the cabinet vote.

Spain's Second Deputy Prime Minister, Yolanda Diaz, used the slogan “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” in a speech last week, claiming it to be a call for a two-state solution and sparking harsh protests by Israel.

“Khamenei, Sinwar and the Vice Premier of Spain Yolanda Diaz call for the disappearance of the State of Israel and the establishment of a Palestinian Islamic terrorist state from the river to the sea,” Israeli Foreign Minister Katz wrote on 𝕏.

“President Sánchez, by not firing Diaz and announcing the recognition of the Palestinian State, is complicit in inciting the murder of the Jewish people and war crimes,” he added.

In an earlier statement on 𝕏, Katz wrote: “The Israeli people and the Spanish people are friendly people. We will not allow you, Sánchez and Diaz, nor the members of your government, to separate us.”

In another diplomatic step against Spain, Katz ordered to prohibit the Spanish Consulate in Jerusalem “from conducting consular activities or providing consular services to residents of the Palestinian Authority.”

“Those who reward Hamas and attempt to establish a Palestinian terror state will have no contact with the Palestinians. The days of the Inquisition are over. Today, the Jewish people have a sovereign and independent state, and no one will force us to convert our religion or threaten our existence – those who harm us, we will harm in return,” Katz wrote.

Sánchez explained that the recognition was meant to support the Palestinian Authority, which he said should rule a state in the West Bank and Gaza connected via a corridor, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

“We will not recognize changes in the 1967 border lines other than those agreed to by the parties,” he added.

“Furthermore, this decision reflects our absolute rejection of Hamas, a terrorist organization that is against the two-state solution,” Sánchez said.

“From the outset, Spain has strongly condemned the terrorist attacks of Oct. 7. This clear condemnation is the resounding expression of our steadfast commitment in the fight against terrorism. I would like to underline that starting tomorrow we would focus all our efforts to implement the two-state solution and make it a reality,” the Spanish prime minister added.

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