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New Hezbollah spy drone video shows sensitive IDF bases on Golan Heights

Footage shows several IDF bases on border with Syria

Footage from Hezbollah propaganda video (Photo: Screenshot)

The Lebanese terror organization Hezbollah on Tuesday released a new propaganda video showing detailed images of IDF bases on the Golan Heights, purportedly taken by a spy drone that infiltrated Israel and flew above the area for a prolonged period.

In a similar video released last month, the terror group showed the Haifa port and naval base, aerial defense systems like David’s Sling and Iron Dome, the RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems factory, as well as civilian areas.

The video is styled like a reality show, with a title page showcasing the small “Hudhud”-type drone, before beginning with a recap of the “previous part” at the start of the video.

Hezbollah claimed the new video was filmed over the “occupied Syrian Golan,” as per the title page.

After showing the Hudhud drone and its operators on the ground, the video notes six “strategic” IDF bases located along the Golan Heights border with Syria, before showing several other bases across the Golan.

Hezbollah even emphasizes that the six “strategic” bases, many of which have been struck by the terror group since the conflict began, are often dubbed “the eyes of the nation.”

The video goes on to show detailed aerial images of several bases, marking different sensitive components, such as aerial defense systems and radars.

“According to the extent of the snow that is visible on the mountain in a limited way, the mountain itself looks almost without snow, so it can be concluded that these videos were taken during the last period, after the winter,” commented Army Radio’s military correspondent Doron Kadosh.

Hezbollah also documented a concentration of IDF troops recently re-deployed to the area, including their tents, tanks, military and civilian vehicles, and more.

The video is intended to showcase Hezbollah’s detailed intelligence on the IDF bases by pointing out and naming several weapons systems, as well as the headquarters of brigades and battalions in the area.

In the past, the terror group has released lists of IDF bases it had targeted with rocket barrages, even though most of its projectiles have been intercepted or landed in open areas.

Hezbollah ended the video with a “preview,” showing images of Israeli towns in the area of the Sea of Galilee, like Safed and Tiberias while writing, “in the next part,” signaling that the terror group plans to release similar videos in the future.

At the end of the video, Hezbollah quotes a Quranic verse likening the Hudhud drone to its namesake, the Hoopoe bird, and claiming that Allah was being glorified by its activity.

While the IDF did not immediately respond, in June, the Israeli military said its systems had tracked the drone the entire route but decided not to shoot it down as it didn’t pose a threat, while an interception may have endangered civilians.

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz commented on the video, saying: "A barking dog doesn't bite."

"Nasrallah, if you don't stop the threats and violence and withdraw to the Litani River, you will be considered the destroyer of Lebanon," Katz wrote on 𝕏.

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