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Israel defends Al-Aqsa mosque by intercepting Hamas rockets over Temple Mount

Murdering Israelis more important for Hamas than mosques, Erdan tells UN after rockets fired at Jerusalem

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan speaks to UNGA about Iron Dome; showing a video filmed from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem during the rocket alarm (Photo: Screenshot)

Hamas would rather endanger Islamic holy sites than stop murdering Israelis, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan told the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Friday, ahead of an emergency meeting regarding the Israel-Hamas war.

“Today we received overwhelming proof that Hamas is ISIS. Just as ISIS destroyed mosques, Hamas-ISIS is willing to blow up Al-Aqsa - and many of you are ready to defend it. It’s a disgrace,” Erdan said shortly after a rocket salvo was fired toward the area of Jerusalem on Friday afternoon.

“Hamas proved that murdering Israelis is even more important than preserving the Islamic holy sites they claim to ‘protect.’ Watch this video,” Erdan said, before holding up a tablet computer showing a video filmed from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem during the rocket alarm, with sirens being heard in the background.

“Just hours ago, a Hamas rocket was fired toward the vicinity of the Temple Mount… Israel’s Iron Dome intercepted the missile and defended Al-Aqsa Mosque,” Erdan explained.

Hamas dubbed its murderous assault on Israel on Oct. 7 the "Al-Aqsa Flood," and claimed its goal was to liberate the Temple Mount from Israel.

During the meeting, the Palestinian Permanent Observer to the UN Riyad Mansour, urged UNGA to enforce a ceasefire in Gaza.

“Ceasefire now. Stop the Genocide,” he said.

In his speech, Erdan also recounted the plight of the Israeli hostages in the hands of the Hamas terrorists and concluded by stating: “Calling for a ceasefire now, while there are still hostages being held in Gaza, is the most immoral thing possible!”

“If the UN wants to see a ceasefire, it should start by doing everything possible to release the hostages.”

The UN General Assembly had demanded an immediate humanitarian ceasefire of the war in Gaza between Israel and the terror organization Hamas in a resolution that passed with an overwhelming majority last week.

The resolution called for an “immediate humanitarian ceasefire” without mentioning the Hamas terrorists who started the war by invading Israel on Oct. 7. Members voted down two amendments specifically referencing Hamas that were not included in the final draft.

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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