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‘More countries to join Abraham Accords’ says Israeli ambassador to UAE

Larger amount of relations will ‘change the Middle East,’ says Amb. Hayek

Israel’s ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Amir Hayek speaking at an Israeli Independence Day celebration in the UAE, May, 5, 2023 (Photo: Nicole Raviv/Twitter)

More countries will join the Abraham Accords, according to Israel’s ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Amir Hayek.

“I think we will see more countries join the Abraham Accords or expand agreements with Israel,” Hayek told Israel’s i24News. “The main issue is to be very successful, so other countries ask themselves, ‘Why not us?’”

Hayek pushed back against the idea that relations between Israel and the UAE were ‘cooling off’ following the recent rapprochement between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Iran has also improved its relations with UAE, including a joint business council.

“The Saudis and Emiratis are sovereign countries. We can convey our message, and they know exactly what we think about Iran and its plans. We hoped Iran would concentrate on investing time and money into education or health, rather than terror in the region. And I believe our friends here understand exactly what we’re saying” he said.

Hayek also pointed to an Israeli Independence Day celebration in Abu Dhabi as proof that ties are still strong between the countries. Guests included UAE's Minister of State Ahmed bin Ali Al Sayegh, UAE government officials, business leaders and members of the Jewish community in the UAE.

“We had a great event here in Abu Dhabi. For the first time, we celebrated Israeli Independence Day. We had 650 guests gathered together, singing and celebrating,” Hayek said.

“To stand there and hear the Israeli and Emirati anthems, by Emirati and Israeli singers, was a really exciting moment; them singing, ‘You and I will change the world.’ I heard many Emiratis around me, and it touched their hearts,” he recalled.

During a speech at the Independence Day event, Hayek called on more countries to join the accords.

“This is not a zero-sum game,” he said at the event. “The more countries that join, the more everyone will have a brighter future and the Middle East will be better and better.”

According to Hayek, the relationship journey between Israel and the UAE is just getting started.

“We are here to change the world, change the Middle East, to build a better world for the next generations,” he said. “Together, with our Emirati partners. Relations are high. It’s like a car driving fast-forward with no reverse gear.”

Hayek also affirmed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will make a visit the UAE in the future.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu will come to Abu Dhabi, and I believe a day or two before you’ll hear about it,” he said.

Netanyahu was planning to visit the UAE in January, however, following Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir's visit to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, that trip was subsequently canceled.

So far, no details regarding a trip have been released.  

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