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‘Mapping the Massacres’ – Interactive visualization project shows horrific scale of Hamas terror

The interactive map reveals where Hamas perpetrated their crimes

Screenshot of the “Mapping the Massacres” project

Until today, the scale of the terror attack that Hamas perpetrated on Saturday, Oct. 7, the largest in Israeli history, remains difficult to fathom.

Dozens of targets were attacked and thousands killed or kidnapped on that Shabbat morning, including kibbutzim close to the border of towns like Ofakim, over 20 km (almost 14 miles) from the Gaza Strip.

The “Mapping the Massacres” project aims to educate the public about what happened on Oct. 7 by offering an interactive geo-visualization map that “strives to provide a comprehensive representation of the atrocities committed by Hamas on that day.”

“This interactive map serves as a reflection and an educational tool, promoting awareness of the gravity of the horrors,” according to the project website.

Once entering the site, the map automatically zooms in to show the area of the deadly Hamas attack around the Gaza Strip.

A short explanation gives an overview of what happened, before the user can either click on a series of colored dots, each one representing either a person who is either dead, kidnapped or missing.

Users are able to learn more about the person, or to follow a walkthrough identifying the main locations of the massacres.

Each location of the site – for e.g. about the Re’im Music Festival Massacre or the Kibbutz Be’eri Massacre –contains detailed information, including links to the most current list of the victims and any links to other websites containing additional information.

“Together, we can work towards an accessible portrayal of the tragic events of October 7th, honoring the memories and experiences of the victims,” according to the site

Click here to visit the “Mapping the Massacres” website:

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