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Lawsuit petitions Supreme Court to abolish 'discriminatory' Green Passport

Petitioners also accuse Ministry of Health of using deceptive measures to promote vaccination

Submission of a petition to the Israeli Supreme Court against the Green Passport (Photo: Facebook)

A group of Israeli doctors, scientists, lawyers and citizens have filed a lawsuit in Israel’s Supreme Court against the Green Passport calling it coercive and predatory and “contrary to the human right to privacy, autonomy and dignity.” 

“Discrimination between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, by denying daily and obvious basic rights in a democratic regime, such as participation in activities subject to the Green Pass, is in fact a coercion of invasive medical treatment contrary to the principle of informed consent enshrined in the Patient Rights Act,” the lawsuit says. “This step constitutes, in addition to the above vulnerability, prohibited discrimination and a violation of the right to equality that lies at the heart of the democratic regime.”

The lawsuit, filed by members of the Public Emergency Council for the Corona Crisis and Common Sense Model, sought the immediate withdrawal to “Green Pass” regulations that prevented non-vaccinated Holocaust survivors or family members to attend memorial events last week and Memorial Day which is coming next week.

“God forbid we turn the green mark into the infamous yellow star,” the petition said.

Under new regulations, Israel is requiring all venues to operate under either a purple or a green label (also called the green pass). A purple label indicates that a facility is more widely open to the public requiring maybe a health declaration or temperature check. A green label requires a person to show a green passport which is their digital proof of vaccination. This applies to houses of worship, gyms, hotels and indoor restaurants.

The lawsuit is concerned that Israel's Green Passport “involved foreign considerations related to the agreement with Pfizer.”

“This is especially true when there are defects in the approval of the use of the vaccine in Israel, which are accompanied by clear deceptions on the part of the Ministry of Health,” the lawsuit says.

In calling for the government to abolish the Green Passport, the petitioners argued that “In a situation where most of the at-risk population is vaccinated, there is no real need for green label regulations. The unvaccinated population does not pose a real danger to the vaccinated population, certainly compared to other winter diseases.”

“The Green Passport regulations create a regime of discrimination, segregation, and harassment between citizens based on their health status and try to force them, in violation of the law, to receive medical treatment.

“The petition was submitted to the High Court to correct the injustice done to the citizens of Israel, the foundation of the citizens of the state using undemocratic and illegal means,” said Prof. Tzvi Bentoitch, one of the doctors who signed the suit.

The State has until April 19 to respond.

American’s Frontline Doctors notes that the idea of vaccine passports has been identified with China’s social credit system.

This is not the first COVID-related lawsuit that has made it to the high court. A petition filed in March sought the court for an immediate halt to the vaccination campaign based on high mortality following the “vaccine,” arguing that, “In the face of an unpredictable future, it is better to abstain.”

The numbers are drawn from the Nakim website and its founders – Dr. Hervé Seligmann and Haim Yativ – the ones who filed the suit. They attached an opinion from Nobel Prize in Medicine laureate Prof. Luc Montagnier from France.

“This letter is in support of the petition for suspension of the vaccination against COVID-19,” he said. Montagnier goes on to list the possible short-and long-term side effects and the unknown effects including whether it will allow further strains of the virus to be stronger than the vaccine. 

“In the face of an unpredictable future it is better to abstain,” he concludes.

In the United States, the Biden administration has said it would not mandate a “vaccine passport.” A Rasmussen survey found that less than half, 44% of Americans, think proof of COVID-19 vaccination to return to pre-pandemic activities is a good idea. Less than that, 41%, say it’s a bad idea while 15% are unsure. The survey has +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence, according to Rasmussen.

Nicole Jansezian was the news editor and senior correspondent for ALL ISRAEL NEWS.

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