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Israeli start-up researches use of psychedelics to treat severe pain, waits for FDA approval

'Psychedelic substances are not addictive, but they still pose risks,' says CEO

(Photo: Nextage Therapeutics)

The unique Israeli start-up company Nextage Therapeutics has been exploring the treatment of brain diseases with an innovative fusion of technology and unconventional psychedelic medications.

The CEO of Nextage, Abraham Dreazen, says the pharmaceutical company is driven by an ambition "to find solutions for brain-related issues that currently have no treatment, using a combination of psychoactive substances and cutting-edge brain technology."

Nextage Therapeutics has been focused on developing the next generation of cannabinoid-based and psychedelic products, conducting research to find treatment for severe pain conditions, such as endometriosis and fibromyalgia which currently affect millions of women around the world.

Unlike other tech companies, Dreazen says the company is pursuing combining technology with an unconventional source: A Colorado River frog that secretes the substance 5-MeO-DMT from its gland, a naturally occurring tryptamine recognized for its psychedelic properties.

Nextage is hoping for rapid FDA approval of the new treatment and, while optimistic, Dreazen stressed the need for responsible development and use of psychedelic medication.

"Psychedelic substances are not addictive, but they still pose risks, and a psychedelic experience must be accompanied by comprehensive and supervised treatment. It's not trivial. You can't just casually take ecstasy. There's a thorough process involved," he said.

Most importantly, as a drug developer, I'm obligated to create a product that, when taken, will treat only what needs treating, without causing harm to the body,” Dreazen explained.

Despite being a relatively small nation, Israel plays a prominent role in global medical care. America's Newsweek Magazine recently ranked the Israeli Sheba Medical Center among the world’s 20 leading smart hospitals.

Last year, Prof. Yitshak Kreiss, director-general of Sheba Medical Center, announced his hospital’s commitment to medical innovation.

“We are committed to continuing to lead in the development and implementation of medical innovation, in clinical research and in treatment to meet the medical challenges of the coming decade.”

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