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Israeli soldiers discover hidden arms in Hebron nursery school

Weapons confiscated in nursery school near Hebron (Photo: IDF)

Israeli troops surprisingly discovered weapons hidden in a nursery school near Hebron recently.

Hebron, located in the southern part of the West Bank, is known for its political instability and concentration of religious radicals. Terrorists in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip frequently violate international by hiding their weapons in civilian buildings such as schools, hospitals and mosques.

However, even hardened Israeli soldiers were surprised to find a gun, a grenade and dozens of bullets hidden among the nursery school's teddy bears.

"I have never come across anything like this," admitted Lt.-Col. Gilad Mills, whose 7th Armored Brigade battalion made the discovery in cooperation with Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security agency.

"The weapon was not even secured, but was simply under the mattress - any crawling baby could have reached it," added Mills.

The Israeli colonel recalled how surprised he and his soldiers were when they discovered weapons hidden in a seemingly innocent environment.

"We entered the building, it had one floor and four rooms. At the entrance, we actually saw hooks for schoolbags with children's names on them. There were paintings of bears hanging on the walls. We began to scan the rooms," Mills explained.

"As a father, I saw a room I knew from my daughter's nursery – a room for napping where all the mattresses are arranged in a pile. Next to the mattresses, there was a shelf on which there were many teddy bears with the names of the children. One of the soldiers began to search, picked up one mattress - and was amazed. He saw two weapons, one of them a gun, and two more cartridges, a gas grenade and dozens of bullets."

The Iranian regime has been increasingly boosting its anti-Israel terrorist activities in the region.

In July, Israeli soldiers succeeded in thwarting an attempt to smuggle Iranian explosives from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan into Israel across the strategically important Jordan Valley.

The All Israel News Staff is a team of journalists in Israel.

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