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Israeli hostage Karina Ariev sent farewell message to family before her abduction by Hamas terrorists on Oct 7

A protester holds a placard with the photo of Karina Ariev, 19, who is held hostage by Hamas in Gaza, during a protest in Tel Aviv Saturday, March 30 2024. (Photo: Eyal Warshavsky / SOPA Images via Reuters)

Hamas terrorists launched a surprise attack against the Israeli Nahal Oz military base close to the Gaza border on Oct. 7. During the invasion, at least 66 Israeli soldiers were killed and at least five female soldiers were taken hostage, including 19-year-old IDF soldier Karina Ariev.

Before being brutally kidnapped into Gaza, Ariev managed to speak with her parents two times and finally sent a farewell message to her family.

Karina’s sister Sasha recalled the traumatic last conversation they had on Oct. 7 before the abduction.

"I could see the understanding in her eyes, and few minutes later she sent me a message that if she won't leave, if she won't make it out alive, she asked me to keep our parents safe and to be strong and not to wallow in sorrow but to continue living," Sasha told the British paper, The Mail.

While Sasha has watched the video clip with her sister Karina several times, she still feels it looks like a surreal horror movie.

"They so brutally took her in her Snoopy pajamas with Kalashnikovs around - like a movie scene. But I watch it again and again and realize it's not, and you are just living this day all over again," Sasha recalled.

Describing her sister's demeanor in the video, Sasha said she saw fear and helplessness in Karina's eyes.

"I could see her eyes pleading for help," she added.

"She didn't tell my parents to worry about me. She told me to take care of our parents. That's who we are. We are strong. This is the bond we have, and we are dealing with this together," she added.

While brutally murdering most of the female non-combat soldiers at the base, Hamas terrorists eventually abducted Ariev, as well as four other female soldiers: Daniella Gilboa, Liri Elbag, Naama Levy and Agam Berger.

The families of the five kidnapped Israeli soldiers recently allowed a video to be released showing portions of the soldier's brutal abduction to increase public awareness and put pressure on the Israeli government to negotiate a deal and bring their loved ones home.

The footage was made public after being greenlighted by the Israeli military.

Much of the Israeli public and leadership were shocked by the difficult clip, which reportedly did not show the most graphic parts. Hamas terrorists in the clip can be heard saying, “Sabaya,” which is the Arabic term for “concubines.”

“I am shocked by the video documenting the abduction of our dear female observers. We will continue to do everything to bring them home,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated.

War Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz echoed similar sentiments but simultaneously emphasized the IDF's responsibility to bring the hostages home.

“When I first watched the shocking video of the abduction of the spotters from Nahal Oz, my stomach turned upside down, and the thoughts about them do not let go and will not let go until they return, and all the girls and boys return. But the responsibility of leaders is not just to look reality in the eye – it is to create a different reality even when it comes to difficult decisions. And that's our responsibility," Gantz wrote on 𝕏.

Hamas terrorists kidnapped over 250 Israeli citizens and foreign nationals on Oct. 7. About 130 hostages are still being held captive by terrorists in Gaza.

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