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Israeli COVID innovation part 1

Israeli entrepreneurs develop innovative solutions to combat coronavirus pandemic, part 1

It’s all in the air: breath analysis testing, air-purification and sterilization, turbine-based ventilators

The nation of Israel has grown accustomed to defending itself against new threats with quick creative thinking, spontaneous paradigm shifts and advanced research techniques.

No better was that seen than with the coronavirus pandemic which has affected every sector of life across the globe. Israeli entrepreneurs have been coming up with some of the world’s most innovative new products and services to adapt for present-day and future challenges. 

This is part one of a two-part series entitled “Israeli COVID-19 Innovations,” where we will feature some of ALL ISRAEL NEWS' top picks for Start-Up Nation innovation.

  1. Rapid breathalyzer test by TeraGroup 

TeraGroup’s fully-owned subsidiary BioSafety Technologies, offers a convenient 1-minute breath analysis test to determine if a person is COVID-19 negative. Using human-safe terahertz frequencies to rapidly detect the presence of the coronavirus, a test with these immediate results will mobilize the economy by allowing people a faster return to work.  

The breath analysis is non-invasive. The individual simply takes a deep breath and then exhales into a tube three times. TeraGroup’s proprietary spectroscopy system then scans and detects human chemical and biological properties which are transmitted in the breath aerosol.

TeraGroup has signed strategic commercial agreements with over 50 countries globally, most notably in August with United Arab Emirates company APEX National Investment.

“We are delighted with this cooperation with TeraGroup, which is considered the first business to inaugurate trade, economy and effective partnerships between the Emirati and Israeli business sectors, for the benefit of serving humanity by strengthening research and studies on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19),” APEX Chairman Khalifa Yousef Khouri said.

More than 900 organizations worldwide have expressed interest in TeraGroup’s rapid breathalyzer test including airports, sports and event associations, hotel chains and universities.

Amir Tirosh, director of the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at Sheba Medical Center, said that this test will change how the world copes with the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. ProtectAir

With growing evidence that airborne virus particles are the main cause of COVID-19 infections, Israeli high-tech companies are developing air-purifying solutions to cleanse indoor air from dangerous pathogens.

One startup company –  ProtectAir –  has produced a small device that eliminates 99.98% of viruses, including COVID-19, as well as other harmful bacteria, allergens and microbes. ProtectAir sterilizes indoor air by releasing chlorine dioxide (ClO₂) in tiny doses which deactivate the virus receptor-binding and prevent viral multiplication, thus eliminating widespread infection.

ProtectAir products were developed in accordance with FDA standards and have undergone safety testing in Israel at Aminolab, a leading analytical testing facility in Israel. The products are intended to be used throughout the home, eliminating the need to spray and wipe, with no harmful side effects to the environment or toxicity to humans and animals.  

“The need for an airborne bacteria or virus killer is extremely high, as the coronavirus threat limits our ability to congregate, and therefore readapt to our pre-pandemic lives,” said Meir Dahan, chief executive officer of Hila Pharma, the company behind ProtectAir. “This product can provide a solution for retirement homes, offices, trains, buses and any workspace… thus creating a much safer public environment.”

Read more about this innovation here. To learn more about other air-purification innovations in Israel, go to Israel's clean-air startups and inventions.

  1. Ventway Sparrow by Inovytec Medical Solutions

Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI), Israel's government aerospace and aviation contractor, has looked for ways to leverage its technological and manufacturing capabilities in the fight against COVID-19. As a result, IAI and Inovytec Medical Solutions collaborated to produce the Ventway Sparrow – an ultra-portable, turbine ventilator. 

By altering and expanding IAI’s existing missile-production line, Inovytec has developed a high-performance, lightweight ventilator (less than 1 kilogram) for chronic life support of COVID-19 patients. 

The Ventway Sparrow draws ambient air from its surroundings by using a turbine, which consumes less oxygen and does not require oxygen to function. This is an important feature when faced with the problem of mass ventilation, particularly in locations with limited oxygen supplies. The Ventway Sparrow is easy to operate and suitable for any patient, whether in or out of the hospital. 

Read more about IAI assisting with life-saving solutions to combat the pandemic.

Stay tuned for part two of the series Israeli COVID-19 Innovations.


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