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Israel endeavors to become global AI powerhouse

A number of state-funded and private projects are advancing AI tech

Illustrative - Artificial intelligence machine learning with data mining technology on virtual dashboard (Photo: Shutterstock)

A short while after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared his goal of making Israel a top 5 global AI power, Israel launched the first stage of a National Artificial Intelligence program, estimated at NIS 500 million ($133.2 million).

The national AI program, to be overseen by Innovation, Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis, includes a call to Israel's government ministry leaders to submit strategies for integrating AI into their operations.

“The field of artificial intelligence has been experiencing remarkable and unprecedented growth in recent years,” Akunis told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday.

“This program can help the internal workings of the government – its daily work – but, in the end, it means we will be able to provide better services to our citizens. We want to reduce internal and external bureaucracy.”

The new AI program will dedicate NIS 120 million (about $32 million) to improve the function of government agencies and ministries with the help of AI technology. Akunis hopes this move will provide solutions to the challenges within the government, and to improve its efficiency services.

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is fully behind the project and is providing his full support,” Akunis affirmed.

Netanyahu told a delegation of U.S. House Democrats last week that he plans to make Israel one of the world's foremost powers in the realm of artificial intelligence.

The prime minister is also considering the creation of a National AI Directorate, similar to the already existing National Cyber Directorate, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Meanwhile, the advancement of AI technology in Israel isn’t limited to the public sector and the government.

Israeli finance tech company RiseUp will launch its “August Challenge,” using an AI tool to help families with children plan summer activities without breaking the bank.

During the “August Challenge” families will be able to generate activities catering to their specific needs and budget that will only cost up to just NIS 30 ($8), by using a ChatGPT-based tool developed by RiseUp.

Aidoc, a leading innovator in clinical AI, recently announced its “Full Brain Solution,” an AI-driven medical technology with the potential to significantly enhance patient care.

The technology works by using AI to identify suspected strokes and expand the capabilities to detect medium vessel occlusions (MeVOs) and both posterior and anterior large vessel occlusions (LVOs), as well as aneurysms and hemorrhages.

Until now, Full Brain Solution is the only AI technology able to detect posterior and anterior LVOs and MeVOs, which could potentially enable twice as many patients to receive faster access to life-saving therapy.

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