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Israel sends humanitarian aid to Ukraine following dam explosion

Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns explosion but avoids explicitly accusing Russia

Emergency units continue to evacuate people affected by flooding in Kherson, Ukrainian, June 13, 2023. (Photo: Handout/Latin America News Age via Reuters)

The Jewish state will provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine after thousands of Ukrainian civilians were evacuated following massive flooding to the damaged Nova Kakhovka Dam in the war-torn region of Kherson.

The Israeli Embassy in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv will deliver 10 tons of food and water to needy residents in the affected area.

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen expressed the Jewish state’s support for the people of Ukraine.

"The State of Israel stands by the side of the Ukrainian people, especially at this difficult time, and comes to the rescue to provide immediate humanitarian aid for the benefit of the citizens affected by the collapse of the dam," stated Cohen.

Lior Haiat, spokesperson for Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, condemned the dam explosion but avoided explicitly calling out Russia in its accusation.

"Israel is shocked by the extensive damage caused to the Kakhovka Dam. Thousands of innocent civilians are in danger because of this terrible destruction. Such deliberate damage to critical infrastructure and people must be strongly condemned by the entire international community. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ukrainian people at this difficult time," said Haiat.

In February, Cohen became the highest-ranking Israel official to visit Ukraine since the Russian invasion in early 2022.

"I have arrived today on the first visit of an Israeli minister to Kyiv since the outbreak of fighting. In the last year, Israel stood by Ukraine and the Ukrainian people," Cohen said during the visit.

Israel has deliberately avoided condemning Russia’s aggression against Ukraine due to fear that it would undermine Russian-Israeli ties and Israeli military freedom of action in Russian-controlled Syrian airspace.

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