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Iran reportedly halts funding to Palestinian terror groups

Members of Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, in the southern Gaza Strip, Aug. 8, 2022. (Photo: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)

The Arabic news site reported Sunday that Iran ceased funding several Palestinian terror groups about three months ago. The money was used to pay salaries to group members, as well as to fund operational activities. 

While Al-Quds’ sources did not identify a reason for the cessation, they speculated that the ongoing political crisis in Iran was partially to blame. Sources noted that groups in the Gaza Strip had been hit by the loss of funds and even media operations had been affected. 

Groups such as Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) are known to receive funding from the Iranian regime. Earlier this month, Al-Monitor reported that both Hamas and the PIJ were concerned that the upheaval in Iran would impact their military and financial support. 

A PIJ source in the Gaza Strip told Al-Monitor, “We are concerned the protests will also affect the future of Iran’s financial and military support.” He admitted that "Islamic Jihad mainly depends on Iran's financial and military support.”  

Iran reduced its support of Palestinian terror groups in the past following Western sanctions. In 2016, shortly after the Obama administration sent $1.7 billion to the Iranian government – reportedly from a settlement the United States owed Iran before the Islamic Revolution – Iran announced a new round of funding for Islamic Jihad.

In October, the U.S. announced further sanctions on Iranian officials involved in the crackdown on anti-regime protestors, including new sanctions targeting the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ intelligence and deputy commander of operations.

Both of these men provide support to Iranian proxies throughout the Middle East. 

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