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IDF strikes Gaza 3 times in 1 day after Palestinian rioters break through border fence, torch military post

Strikes in Gaza have increased over last 4 days, as Hamas seeks to escalate tensions

Palestinian demonstrators clash with the Israeli army during a march near the border fence between Israel and Gaza, east of Gaza City, Sept. 26, 2023. (Photo: Atia Mohammed/Flash90)

With Hamas seeking to increase tensions on the border with Israel, the Israel Defense Forces have responded aggressively over the last few days.

Since last week, rioters from Gaza have been throwing improvised explosive devices (IEDs) over the border fence, shooting at IDF troops patrolling near the border, and launching incendiary balloons into Israeli territory.

On Friday, the IDF struck three Hamas sites in Gaza following the shooting incidents and incendiary balloon launches.

On Sunday, the army conducted a drone strike on two military posts belonging to Hamas, after rioters threw IEDs and shot at IDF soldiers on the border.

On Monday, during Yom Kippur, the IDF launched a drone strike against Hamas targets in Gaza after rioters shot at IDF troops, launched incendiary balloons, and after two suspects crossed the border into Israeli territory.

The suspects were apprehended and taken for questioning.

On Tuesday, as tensions continued to rise on the border, the IDF launched three different strikes against Hamas targets in Gaza.

The strikes came following the release of more incendiary balloons from Gaza, which started a fire in the Sha’ar Hanegev forest. A group of Palestinians also breached the fence and threw a Molotov cocktail at an IDF post, setting it on fire.

Following those incidents, the IDF struck a Hamas military site.

The IDF later released a video showing the unmanned aerial vehicle strike against the Hamas position.

Later in the evening, IDF officials announced it had struck two other sites in Gaza; one with a tank and the other by helicopter after the posts were confirmed to be the site of violent protests. One of the posts was in the Karni area, and the other was in the area of Rafah. The IDF said that both locations had been used to shoot at soldiers.

Palestinians have been rioting at the border of Gaza for nine days.

Following threats from Hamas to resume border riots, Israel closed the Erez Crossing, forbidding Palestinian workers from Gaza to enter Israeli territory to work.

Israel said it would reopen the foot crossing after the riots come to an end.

Earlier on Wednesday, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced the opening of the Kerem Shalom Crossing for trucks delivering fuel and goods into Gaza but confirmed the Erez Crossing would remain closed.

“The decision to extend the closure of the Erez crossing came due to the continued demonstrations organized by Hamas near the eastern border of the Gaza Strip, which will prevent the entry of 15,000 Gazan workers to work in Israel,” the IDF announced in a statement.

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