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WATCH: IDF soldiers find rockets and weapons under UNRWA boxes, and in children’s bedrooms

Israeli forces are working to fully clear and secure the northern Gaza Strip as focus shifts southward

Hamas weapons found in UNRWA boxes (Photo: IDF)

The IDF released a video on Saturday showing dozens of rockets hidden behind UNRWA crates in a building in the northern Gaza Strip,

Soldiers of the IDF's 7007th Reserve Battalion were searching the building when they discovered a room filled with UNRWA humanitarian aid boxes. Behind the boxes were rockets either under construction or completed, as well as mortars and other explosives. The rockets were found inside a building that housed a sewing workshop.

“This is what we see on the first floor," the commander says in the video, "a sewing workshop, something that looks innocent and unsuspecting. We took out all the UNRWA boxes. There are 110 rockets here.” 

In another location, soldiers of the IDF's 414th Combat Intelligence gathering unit were searching a residence in the northern Gaza Strip when they found grenades, weapons parts, intelligence documents and military equipment inside of a child’s bedroom. 

Additionally, reservists of the 551st Brigade Combat team completed their operation in the area around Jabalya. During the activity, which began before the operational pause, the soldiers located and destroyed operational Hamas tunnel shafts. 

One tunnel shaft, in the courtyard of a school complex, was dozens of meters deep. Another operational tunnel shaft was located in the home of an operative of Hamas’ naval force. 

During their operation to secure and clear Jabalya, soldiers from the 551st Brigade, along with special forces, artillery, and the Israeli Air Force, destroyed Hamas launch sites and combat equipment located in the area. 

Meanwhile, soldiers from the 215th Artillery Brigade raided a mosque associated with Palestinian Islamic Jihad that was being used by the group as an operational headquarters.

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