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IDF provides evidence of Hamas exploiting children's playgrounds and hospitals for terror

Hamas rocket launchers found in playgrounds, near swimming pool

A picture of Hamas rocket launch pits near a playground in Gaza, released on Nov. 5, 2023 (Photo: IDF)

Since the beginning of Israel's war against Hamas, Israel Defense Forces has repeatedly presented evidence that Hamas terrorists cynically use civilian infrastructure for its terror operations.

On Sunday, the IDF published additional pictorial evidence to show how Hamas endangers the lives of civilians in Gaza.

During the fighting inside the Gaza Strip, IDF soldiers found rocket launchers near a children’s swimming pool, and located launch pits and more launchers in an old children’s playground.

“This is further proof of Hamas’ deliberate use of civilian infrastructure and civilians - including children - as human shields for its military operations,” the IDF said.

In the same vein, IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Daniel Hagari presented further evidence which revealed the Hamas terror group's use of medical institutions and hospitals as operation centers and missile launchpads.

Hagari showed video footage, later released to the public, of Hamas terrorists exiting a tunnel under Gaza’s Sheikh Hamad Hospital, and firing at Israeli forces from within the building.

“Today, I will be sharing evidence proving that Hamas systematically exploits hospitals as part of its war machine,” Hagari said. “We decided to declassify and share more sensitive intelligence with you, because the world must take immediate action.”

Other footage showed an engineering vehicle uncovering a tunnel entrance immediately next to the hospital.

“If it weren’t enough that we exposed a tunnel under the hospital, the terrorists also shot at our soldiers from within the hospital,” Hagari said.

Hagari added that the IDF has intelligence of a tunnel network under the so-called Indonesian Hospital, which Hamas “systematically built” to conceal its activities.

“Human shields are a key pillar of Hamas’s terror operations. Hamas systematically exploits hospitals as a key part of its war machine. This is the murderous organization we are dealing with. Hamas doesn’t even try to hide it. They say it loud and clear,” Hagari stated.

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