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IDF identifies body of Dolev Yehud, initially thought kidnapped, murdered by Hamas on Oct 7

Dolev left his home during the attack attempting to help and save lives

The Picture of Dolev Yehud, mistakenly thought kidnapped but murdered by Hamas on October 7, 2023 (Photo: IDF).

Israel Defense Forces identified the remains of Dolev Yehud, who was murdered in Kibbutz Nir Oz by terrorists during Hamas’ invasion and massacre on Oct. 7, the IDF announced Monday morning.

“After an identification procedure carried out by medical officials at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine and the Tzvi HaBsora Institute, IDF representatives notified the family,” the army said on Monday.

Yehud (35) was a resident of Kibbutz Nir Oz and served as a medic with the United Hatzalah and Magen David Adom rescue services.

During the terrorist attack, Yehud reportedly left his home to help and save lives but was murdered. His remains were found just days later but could not immediately be identified.

Initially believed to have been kidnapped by Hamas terrorists, the remains of Dolev Yehud were re-evaluated and identified after the IDF received no indications of his presence in Gaza over the past several months. Unidentified remains found in Nir Oz since Oct. 7 were re-examined, which led to this conclusion.

After the Hamas massacre, the identification process of bodies was nearly impossible in many cases as the bodies were either badly burnt or mutilated by the terrorists.

In a similar case, the body of Elyakim Libman, also initially thought to have been kidnapped, was found mistakenly buried with another body in Israel last month.

Sigal, the wife of Yehud, father of four, gave birth to their daughter just days after he was murdered.

"We were in the bunker from 6:30 in the morning, without food or water, while I was trying to keep three children quiet and calm and at the same time also keep myself under minimal pressure so that contractions would not start," Sigal told Ynet News.

"Dolev wrote to me that morning to be calm, to breathe steadily. Then I lost contact with him."

His sister, Arbel Yehud (28) is still being held hostage in the Gaza Strip by Palestinian terrorists.

“We bow our heads in sorrow upon receiving the bitter news that the dedicated volunteer medic Dolev Yehud, who was kidnapped on October 7 by the terrorist organization Hamas to Gaza, is no longer alive,” United Hatzalah stated.

In light of the latest findings, the overall number of kidnapped Israeli hostages on Oct. 7 was reduced to 251.

One hundred and twenty-five hostages remain in captivity, of whom 97 are thought to be alive and 28 are believed to have been murdered by Hamas terrorists.

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